QR codes used on toilet paper to promote HIV awareness

QR code feedback toilet paper

An Italian charity is using the quick response barcodes for education in public restrooms. Sieropositivo, a charity in Italy that works to promote HIV awareness, is using QR codes printed on toilet paper in public restrooms to help to spread the word about the disease and increase the knowledge that women have about the way that it is spread. Women who visit those lavatories can use their smartphones to scan the barcode. The toilet paper with the QR codes is being used in women’s public washrooms in trendy clubs located…

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eBay launches holiday charity campaign for Toys for Tots

Ebay m-commerce News

Auction giant eBay has launched a new QR code campaign for the holiday season. Dubbed Give-A-Toy, the company is offering to place large displays in shop windows. The display houses several QR codes, each taking the form of a price tag attached to items like teddy bears and presents. The price tags are valued between $2 and $25, which is how much money a person will be donating to the Toys for Tots charity. Though usually used in terms of marketing, QR codes have been gaining traction in the charity…

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Salvation Army launches QR code campaign to raise awareness of current issues

Salvation Army Headquarters London

QR codes are most often associated with marketing campaigns coming from major corporations. While the codes have certainly found favor with big businesses, they can be used for much more than advertising. Non-profit organizations are beginning to see the value of the codes and how they can be used to raise awareness of important issues. The Salvation Army has adopted QR codes for this exact reason, and has launched a new charity campaign aimed at tech-savvy philanthropists. The Salvation Army’s campaign seeks to raise awareness of important social issues by…

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