QR codes receive their approval for Anchorage columbarium wall

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery QR codes

The quick response codes have now been permitted for use in the notches of the wall at the public cemetery. While QR codes are most commonly associated with their use in mobile marketing and have been found in some of the oddest places, they are becoming increasingly popular on grave markers, where it is impossible to add more than the most basic information about a deceased individual. The city assembly in Anchorage have now unanimously voted in favor of allowing quick response codes in the public cemetery. This will allow…

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QR codes provide a new kind of work for stonemasons

QR Codes used on gravestones

As quick response codes become more common on gravestones, stonework is becoming more sophisticated. The use of QR codes on gravestones in order to make it possible for mourners and gravesite visitors to be able to scan in order to learn more is a growing trend, and the feature is being offered by cemeteries in locations across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and other countries around the world. The barcodes are added to gravestones to provide more “room” to add information about the deceased. Space on a…

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QR codes to mark Canadian tombstones in a digital age

qr code tombstone site

Mourning is a process that is making its way to smartphones through the use of quick response codes. Though hardly the first time that QR codes have been seen on grave markers, as this trend has been a slowly growing one around the world, a startup in Canada called Qeepr is hoping that this technology will become much more commonplace and will help mourners to remember their loved ones who have died. This use of quick response codes is quite defining, as mobile technology makes its way more deeply into…

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QR codes considered for tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

arlington national cemetery qr codes

Though quick response codes have been becoming increasingly common on gravestones, they are not permitted here. Although cemeteries are hardly known for being high tech, using the latest cutting edge technologies, QR codes have been changing that in some places across the country as these scannable barcodes have been added to tombstones. In fact, quick response codes have been a growing trend in cemeteries around the world. When QR codes were added to a war memorial cemetery in Wales, with the Duke of Kent attending the unveiling of WWI barcodes…

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QR codes on tombstones make their mark on Memorial Day

QR Codes Grave Stones

The smartphone scannable barcodes make it easier to remember those who have died. Memorial Day gives us a time to remember those who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces in order to preserve everything that we hold dear, and now technology, by way of QR codes, is providing a new opportunity to remember those individuals with greater detail than what a grave marker can offer. A growing trend is including these barcodes on gravestones to help visitors to learn more about who is buried there. Traditional…

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