McDonald’s adopts QR codes

McDonald’s using QR codes to provide consumers with information McDonald’s is embracing QR codes to provide its customers with new information concerning the food the restaurant chain provides. The company chose to make use of QR codes because of their information distribution capabilities. McDonald’s has taken note of the growing popularity of QR codes, especially as the codes continue to perform well against their competitors in the interactive mobile technology field. The company believes that the codes will help establish more transparency among health conscious consumers. Codes will allow access…

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QR codes to assist tourists visiting Spain

QR codes used for tourism

Smartphone using visitors to Costa del Sol to enjoy enhanced travels. The city of Costa del Sol in Spain has launched a new smartphone friendly campaign to help tourists that are visiting by allowing them to scan QR codes for more information. This helpful tool is meant to help to improve the overall tourism experience in the area. The QR codes will be placed at various locations around the region, focusing primarily on cultural venues that are typically of the greatest interest to visitors to the area, as well as…

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QR codes used on Arizona Beverages at 7-Eleven boost in-store experience

Arizona drinks QR codes

Smartphone activated mcommerce campaign is expected to generate consumer excitement. Beginning this month, customers at 7-Eleven have been able to use the QR codes on Arizona Beverages on the label of its newest drink flavor in order to become eligible to win a number of different prizes. The Cherry Lime Rickey flavor is brand new and is available exclusively at the convenience chain. By making its new flavor launch at 7-Eleven, Arizona Beverages is piggybacking on the mcommerce success that the convenience store chain has already been experiencing over the…

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QR code marketing by Stamford Symphony is making beautiful music

Stamford Symphony

The technique is striking a chord with new audiences with smartphones. The marketers for the Stamford Symphony have chosen a QR code campaign to reach a new smartphone using audience by bridging the gap between their print marketing materials and their digital offerings. They have chosen to use pbSmart Codes based on positive research of their techniques. The Stamford Symphony marketing team discovered that nearly half of all American adults own a smartphone, opening up a tremendous opportunity through a QR code program that these individuals could use to learn…

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QR codes and their mobile marketing benefits

QR Codes Scanning Statistics

Online advertising can benefit from these smartphone barcodes. Though QR codes have played a rapidly increasing role in mobile marketing, until now, they had not been considered in all that important to an overall advertising campaign. In fact, the actual usefulness of these barcodes had been repeatedly called into question. Recently, though, among the many versatile uses of QR codes in mobile marketing, advertising firms are now starting to find that the ways in which they can be used is virtually limitless. This is highly meaningful, as they have already…

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QR code campaign from Volkswagen causes stir in Latin America

QR code campaign-Volkswagen

Volkswagen again makes use of QR codes for latest marketing campaign Volkswagen has shown a great deal of interest in QR codes recently. The German automaker has used the codes in the past as part of its marketing campaigns. The company’s use of QR codes have proven somewhat popular amongst consumers, many of whom have had limited experience with the codes in the past. Volkswagen has launched a new QR code campaign aimed at promoting its commercial vans. Instead of using small versions of the blocky barcodes, the automaker has…

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Product ingredients are no longer a mystery with Floratech QR code mobile app

mobile holiday shopping

The ease of QR codes and the consumer education factor. Supplier of botanically derived ingredients, Floratech, has just announced that mobile device owners can now use their smartphones to scan QR codes on products in order to take the mystery out of the ingredients lists and better understand the claims that have been made about those specific items. This ingredient disclosure system is very easy to use. Once the QR code is scanned, the app automatically directs the device to instant access to product descriptions, INCI (international Nomenclature of Cosmetic…

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Fred Perry teams with Don Letts for QR code powered competition

Acclaimed UK fashion retailer Fred Perry has launched a new campaign that makes used of QR codes. The campaign is meant to promote a competition that was born from the partnership of Fred Perry and filmmaker Don Letts. The competition aims to detail the impact Fred Perry has had on the various UK subcultures since the 1950’s. Those with film footage of this time period are encouraged to submit what they have via the competition’s website, which can be accessed by scanned the QR code associated with the promotional campaign.…

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ComScore report shows the rise of QR codes and provides insights to their successful use

QR Codes check in

ComScore, a market and research firm that specializes in digital business analytics has released a new report titled “2012 Mobile Future in Focus.” The report aims to provide insight as to why QR codes are becoming so popular and where they are seeing the most success. Indeed, the codes have become a popular method of mobile marketing in the U.S. and Europe, mimicking the rise to fame the barcodes experienced in the Asian markets. ComScore believes that the popularity of the codes will continue to grow, meaning that more companies…

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Atlanta Medical Center plasters QR codes on buses to distribute information regarding the emergency room

augmented reality Health Care

QR codes are becoming more popular in the world of medicine. In the medical world, the codes are used for information distribution instead of marketing. They allow hospitals and physicians the ability to connect with patients and provide assistance and services when needed. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority in Georgia has begun putting QR codes for the Atlanta Medical Center on the city’s buses. The codes are meant to help those that may have to take a trip to the emergency room. The codes are plastered on the backs…

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Fox uses massive QR code campaign to promote its new movie “Chronicle”

QR Code on Billboard

Fox has used a QR code billboard promotion to reach the NFL playoff game audience in order to spread the word about the upcoming release of its found footage style horror film called “Chronicle” which will open on February 3. The production company is hoping to appeal to tech-savvy viewers watching the wildcard game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New York Giants, by airing a five second-long “billboard” clip of a QR code. Viewers who have smartphones and tablets and who have downloaded a QR code scanner app can…

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