QR Code Detective: Is anyone learning from your campaign?

Educational QR code for learning bike repair

Our quick response code investigators looked into educational approaches to the barcodes. While the humble QR code has become rather mainstream when it comes to print ads, there is an entirely different strategy being employed to use these barcodes for educational purposes. Schools and marketers alike are finding that people are highly engaged when they can learn from a scan. As was discussed in last week’s issue of QR Code Detective, mobile device users are always asking themselves “what’s in it for me?” when they are presented with a barcode.…

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QR Code Detective: Is your mobile marketing campaign up to the challenge?

QR code magazine frustrated

Our barcode investigators looked at the evidence and found that many promotions are falling flat. A QR code can be a powerful tool for reaching consumers in a simple, convenient and highly cost effective way – providing that this mobile barcode is used properly. However, all too many campaigns are giving quick response codes a bad name by using them incorrectly. Consumers don’t ask for much when it comes to campaigns based on barcodes. Primarily, they are looking for the answer to “what’s in it for me?” in order to…

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QR codes generate massive interest in mobile marketing campaign

qr code in the rain cebu airlines

The rainy weather was combined with quick response codes for this unique advertising stunt. If these QR codes actually worked as well as their creators have claimed, then this extremely clever mobile marketing idea may represent one of the most unique and successful uses for these barcodes that has been achieved, so far. The idea behind it was both quirky and gimmicky but it appears to have drawn the desired crowds. The mobile marketing campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather Group. That firm spray painted streets in Hong Kong…

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QR codes raise donations in the WHAS Crusade

charity qr codes firefighter

The children’s charity has joined a growing number that are using quick response codes to bring in funds. Although many governments and banks have been making a considerable push toward cashless societies – as coins and bills are expensive to produce and maintain – this has caused fewer people to carry cash and has taken its toll on cash based fundraisers, causing charities to look to other options, such as QR codes. This was the case with the WHAS Crusade, which chose quick response codes for its own fundraiser. The…

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QR codes are front and center in Middle Eastern Burger King ads

burger king qr codes middle east

The barcodes are being used for the fast food giant’s latest advertising campaign which has just been launched. Burger King has just announced the launch of its latest mobile marketing campaign, which will feature QR codes at its very center throughout its Middle Eastern locations. The fast food giant is relying on these quick response barcodes to attract the attention of its customers. The QR codes are being printed on the food packaging at its restaurants in the Middle East. Consumers who use their smartphones to scan the barcodes will…

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QR codes play central role in Toyota road safety campaign

Toyota Augmented Reality QR codes

  The auto manufacturer is running a massive print campaign in Peru to help to inform drivers. Toyota has launched a massive campaign in Peru that has been carefully crafted to appeal to the many smartphone using drivers in that country, through the use of QR codes that they can scan using any free reader app. The campaign is meant to help to encourage safer driving through the sharing of important information. With the QR codes in the Toyota road safety campaign, drivers can become more aware of the specific…

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QR codes used by GM in Malibu rentals

chevrolet malibu QR codes

The auto manufacturer is placing the barcodes in certain fleets of Chevrolet rental vehicles. General Motors has revealed that it is now placing QR codes on the vehicles of certain rental fleets as a part of an overall marketing strategy to help consumers to learn more about these vehicles. The auto maker has not failed to notice the popularity and efficiency of the barcodes in marketing efforts. These QR codes have already been spotted in some of the Chevrolet Malibu rental cards that are being rented out through Enterprise. They…

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QR codes used on toilet paper to promote HIV awareness

QR code feedback toilet paper

An Italian charity is using the quick response barcodes for education in public restrooms. Sieropositivo, a charity in Italy that works to promote HIV awareness, is using QR codes printed on toilet paper in public restrooms to help to spread the word about the disease and increase the knowledge that women have about the way that it is spread. Women who visit those lavatories can use their smartphones to scan the barcode. The toilet paper with the QR codes is being used in women’s public washrooms in trendy clubs located…

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QR codes used for unique awareness charity campaign

qr codes charity blankets

The barcodes were used to help replicate the experience of being homeless and generate donations. Fiftyfifty, a German charitable organization that supports the homeless, has started to use QR codes printed on blankets in a unique way in order to help to generate donations to their cause. The experience included freezing cold cinemas that helped people to experience a touch of what the homeless feel. The charity ran the campaign using QR codes from December through January in cinemas across Germany. The theaters involved in the experience turned their temperatures…

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QR codes employed by German Maestro for consumer education

qr codes speaker german maestro

The speaker and audio technology company has enhanced its customer education program with barcodes. German Maestro took the opportunity at CES to unveil a new program that has been created to assist retailers with more appealing and practical consumer education through the use of QR codes. Last year, the company launched a different form of “Ask Me” program for retailers. That system assisted their sales professionals in being able to better educate current and prospective customers who are interested in their products or who have questions about their technologies or…

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M-commerce services at Davids will be powered by Payair

QR codes smartphone

This new mobile campaign will include QR codes on ads and billboards. Davids, a Swedish electric device retailer, has just granted a contract to the mobile payments service called Payair in order to help the company to upgrade its mobile commerce experience for consumers. The two businesses will work together to offer an enhanced shopping experience over smartphones. This new agreement will give Davids the opportunity for integration of the mobile commerce service from Payair, in order to allow consumers a far broader m-commerce shopping experience from the comfort of…

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