QR codes used for unique awareness charity campaign

qr codes charity blankets

The barcodes were used to help replicate the experience of being homeless and generate donations. Fiftyfifty, a German charitable organization that supports the homeless, has started to use QR codes printed on blankets in a unique way in order to help to generate donations to their cause. The experience included freezing cold cinemas that helped people to experience a touch of what the homeless feel. The charity ran the campaign using QR codes from December through January in cinemas across Germany. The theaters involved in the experience turned their temperatures…

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QR codes worked into a tapestry by Guillermo Bert

QR Code Textiles

The work of art is displayed at The Brewery art studio. Guillermo Bert has announced that his art studio, The Brewery, is now the home of a tapestry that he has woven, which combines older traditions with the latest technology through the use of a pattern that displays QR codes. This tapestry was woven in order to create a harmonious fusion of the old and new technologies. Bert has called his exhibition of QR codes on tapestries “Encoded Textiles” and it is now on display at the Pasadena Museum of…

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