Colorado becomes first U.S. state to enact QR code ballot ban

QR code ballot ban - U.S. vote

Cybersecurity concerns were the reason given for the ban. On September 16, 2019, Colorado became the first American state to put a QR code ballot ban in place. The state once used the quick response codes to help tabulate votes. However, concerns of cybersecurity issues led to the decision to ban the use of the unique 2-D barcodes on ballots. Officials say that QR codes can potentially be changed by hackers. Prior to the QR code ballot ban, residents in Colorado made their selections on a ballot-marking device. This device…

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QR codes may soon be permitted for mobile payments in China

qr codes mobile payments money security

There is currently a ban on these quick response codes for that purpose in the country, but that could soon change The central bank in China had previously suspended the use of QR codes for mobile payments following concerns about the level of security that is available through the application of these barcodes for that purpose. That ban was established in March, but there are now some powerful rumors saying that this ban will soon lift. As third party mobile payment services and banks start to hear that the ban…

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QR codes to be dropped by China Central Bank

no qr codes transaction ban

The financial institution has ordered the cessation of all mobile payments that use quick response codes. China’s central bank has recently released an order that will put a stop to all online mobile payments units of companies that are using QR codes to send and receive funds. This news has been confirmed by both Tencent and Alibaba, which had been using the barcodes. Both Alibaba and Tencent have been commanded to stop the use of QR codes in order to process the payments of its online sales, according to a…

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