New app tries to make QR codes safer to scan

qr codes security

The Kapersky scanner application has been designed to add another layer of protection for smartphone users. As QR codes have become commonplace in advertising, packaging, and a number of other uses, they have attracted the attention of people who would use them for malicious purposes, as seems to be the case of virtually every other kind of technology that is increasing in use. The struggle presented by quick response codes is that scanning takes the user to an unidentified URL. The traditional scanning app for QR codes doesn’t reveal the…

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QR codes make lost things found: from luggage to pets

Dynotag qr codes

On a growing basis, quick response codes are being used to ensure that property is returned to its owners. Although QR codes are most frequently found in print marketing such as product labels, advertising posters, and magazine ads, Dynotag, a startup based in Seattle has now launched barcodes that can be generated by users, for free, and then linked to a personal web page, so that property can be returned if it goes missing. The key to these unique quick response codes is that they can be scanned by someone…

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Snapchat uses QR codes to quickly add people as friends qr codes

The company’s recent acquisition of has made it possible for these quick response codes to work. Recent reports have been made based on leaked emails during the recent hack at Sony that have revealed that Snapchat had acquired, a startup company that provides the generation of QR codes, among other related features. Now, Snapchat has launched a new feature that it has called Snaptags, which allows barcodes to be scanned. Snaptags are designed to work as a type of unique form of QR codes that are generated for…

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QR Code Detective: Are you using the best scanner?

QR code detective - scanners

There are dozens, if not hundreds of quick response code scanning mobile apps available for smartphones. The mighty QR code can be found on everything from a can of peas at your local supermarket to an ad found in an in flight magazine on your way to the exotic vacation of a lifetime, and while they are designed to be quick and easy to use, your experience partly depends on your having selected the right scanner app. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, and Android based smartphone, a BlackBerry,…

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QR Code Detective: Does your campaign feature a barcode or a question mark?

QR Code Detective Yardbird

Campaigns using quick response codes are becoming increasingly clever, but consumers often aren’t told about them. The potential of the QR code is limited only by the imagination of the people who implement them, but the fact remains that the barcode, itself, is little more than a black and white square to the human eye. A human-friendly message of some form must always accompany a quick response code. A few weeks ago, our investigators determined that a QR code is only useful if customers are informed that they should actually…

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