QR codes have now become an important part of the Kik chat app

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The mobile application has brought the quick response codes into the mix to bring brands and users together. Kik, the mobile messaging app, has recently added QR codes to its features as a part of an investment from Tencent, as it aims to replicate some of the successes that WeChat has achieved through a similar strategy. The quick response codes have been used in order to simplify a range of different interactions with the app. The decision to look into the use of QR codes in a manner that is…

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New app uses QR codes to help consumers save on bills

QR codes mobile billing

The mobile application has been designed to scan energy bills in case a cheaper supplier is available. Following new government regulations in the United Kingdom, energy suppliers are now required to print QR codes at the top of every utility bill that they send to consumers, and with the use of that barcode, a mobile app will give consumers the ability to compare suppliers for better prices. The mobile app has been designed to instantly compare the prices that suppliers would offer a specific consumer. Though changing energy suppliers had…

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Students use QR codes to bring us closer to nature

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The team have worked together to use quick response codes and smartphone tech to improve interactivity. High school students who are Warren Consolidated Schools Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center (MMSTC) Ecology Club members have now implemented QR codes at the Sterling Heights Nature Center to help visitors to be able to use their smartphones in order to discover more about the animals that they may see there. The hope is to help to boost the learning and interactivity that is available through the nature center. When a visitor uses a…

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Charlotte Fire Department adds QR codes for better communication

charity qr codes firefighter

The quick response codes have now been added to the department’s field communication cars. According to the communication center at the Charlotte Fire Department, there have now been QR codes applied to the field communication cars in order to better be able to connect with people. The benefit that they are hoping to gain from the quick response codes is in connecting with the citizens. These QR codes allow people to be able to scan the sides of the vehicles in order to discover more about the communications division as…

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App uses QR codes to pay consumers for their attention

tourist qr codes scanner

A new service called PiggyPeg has been designed to reward smartphone users for visiting designated sites. A mobile app called PiggyPeg has now been released and is attempting to convince businesses that one of the best ways to be able to make money by way of mobile is to encourage consumers to actually visit a certain Sao Paulo, Brazil, location by paying them when they scan QR codes upon arrival. Regardless of whether or not they actually make a purchase, as long as quick response codes are scanned, a reward…

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