QR Code Detective: Do your customers know why they should scan?

photo booth QR Code

It’s all well and good to print quick response codes on all of your marketing, but are you giving consumers a reason to act? It has reached the point that it has become difficult to make your way through a day without seeing a QR code, and yet many companies are still finding that their mobile marketing campaigns aren’t generating the overwhelming number of scans that they had expected. Are quick response codes dead or have marketers failed to give consumers incentive to scan? Our QR code detectives were out…

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QR codes are the heart of a new partnership with Wendy’s

wendy's QR codes mobile ads

The fast food restaurant chain is now working with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. for its mobile marketing. It has recently been revealed that the fast food giant, Wendy’s, is now partnering with NeoMedia Technologies Inc. – a mobile barcode management solutions provider – in order to make the firm the exclusive service provider for QR codes for the restaurant chain’s branded promotional activities. This was revealed within a news release that said that NeoMedia’s Neosphere product will be central to campaigns. NeoSphere is the firm’s engine for enterprise grade generation and…

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QR codes may alter the face of home sales

QR code real estate sale

Real estate could considerably change through the use of these easy to scan barcodes. The smartphone friendly two dimensional barcodes known as QR codes are making their way into a rapidly growing number of spaces, and they have been establishing quite a presence for themselves in the area of real estate. These barcodes are providing home sellers an easy way to provide buyers with more information. Though the amount of information that can be posted on a “for sale” sign is very limited, real estate agents have been doing their…

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Danone launches ambitious plan for QR codes

QR codes in the food industry

QR codes help marketing adapt to the mobile age Marketing has been of paramount importance to the world of businesses since time immemorial. While this fact is not likely to change in the foreseeable future, marketing itself has evolved to meet the changing interests of consumers. With the advent of mobile technology, marketing had to adapt to the growing number of people that became reliant on smartphones and tablets. Thus, QR codes rose to prominence and established themselves as a powerful tool in the field of mobile marketing. Today, many…

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QR codes pinned onto fruit by “Banana Ambassador” from Ecuador

qr code banana ambassador fruit

Before you peel your next banana you may want to have a second look because it might have a barcode on it. Ecuador has started a new campaign using QR codes in order to be able to send its mobile marketing wherever its exported bananas may travel so that it can encourage more people to visit the country. The hope is that people will scan the black and white squares using their smartphones or tablets. The goal of the QR codes is to encourage people to scan so that they…

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