QR codes are helping Pokémon fans to unlock rare Pokémonsters

qr code stickers scan

For fans who have really “gotta catch ‘em all”, quick response codes can help to get ‘em. Pokémon fans are forever trying to “catch ‘em all”, and now QR codes are playing a role in that effort as some people have started working together to be able to catch some rare, funky, and even unreleased Pokémonsters. This is actually done through an “injecting” hacking technique that is letting fans manipulate their game. The technique is making it possible for players to be able to do everything from change their avatars…

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QR codes central to OU mobile ticketing tech

mobile ticketing tickets qr codes

Oklahoma Athletics has revealed that quick response codes will allow fans to use smartphones as tickets. Among the latest news releases from Oklahoma Athletics is the introduction of a new mobile ticketing system that is designed to allow fans to be able to use QR codes in order to attend events through the use of their smartphones instead of having to rely on printed tickets. This mobile technology allows game tickets to be displayed on the screen of a smartphone. The way that it works is that fans with tickets…

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QR codes from Tencent experience widespread popularity in China

red qr codes

The quick response codes are offering users a convenient vehicle for downloading mobile apps. China has a new popular activity surrounding the scans of red QR codes that were created by Tencent in order to be able to help device users to increase their odds of receiving lucky money. Tencent Yingyongbao has devoted 500 million Chinese Yuan (about US$ 79,931,000) to the campaign. When the red QR codes are scanned, they provide users with the ability to download mobile apps onto their smartphones or tablets. This method was chosen because…

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QR codes: Where will these barcodes take you?

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

As common as quick response codes may be, most of them are used in highly mysterious ways! When it comes to QR codes, it looks as though they’re here to stay (at least, to the degree that one can make that declaration about any form of mobile technology, these days), but despite that fact, the debate as to whether or not they are worthwhile continues to rage on. The reason is that while quick response codes can be used highly effectively, they rarely are! The affordability of QR codes makes…

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QR codes are being placed under mobile security’s microscope

QR Codes and mobile Security

Murdoch University’s internet security experts have pointed out some worrying facts about the use of quick response codes. As the popularity of QR codes has started to rapidly rise, and as 2014 is being declared the year of the quick response barcode, Murdoch University’s leading online security experts are now placing these black and white squares under the microscope and are asking whether they are as safe to use as they appear. The very nature of the quick response code makes it quite difficult for a user to identify potential…

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