Could QR codes be replaced by an LED light bulb?

tombstones museum qr codes appearance

A new scannable technology is presenting a potential alternative to quick response codes, but will it catch on? While QR codes are quite useful and are highly practical, many have complained that in terms of aesthetics, all they do is take away from the ad or other form of display on which they have been printed. When a piece of print advertising has been artistically assembled, quick response codes could detract from the look. For this reason, many researchers have been seeking an alternative to QR codes that will be…

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QR codes turn newspapers into shopping malls

Newspapers QR Codes

Alibaba is using quick response codes to make purchases through printed ads. The massive online and mobile commerce giant, Alibaba, has now announced that it is partnering with a number of different media outlets in order to launch a shopping program based on scanning QR codes. This will allow consumers to be able to buy the products that they see in printed advertisements. The Chinese e- and m-commerce company is giving readers the chance to scan QR codes when they see products that they like. This will direct them to…

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The QR Code Clues for Colleges

With more than 50 percent of Americans carrying smartphones, according to a report by Chetan Sharma Consulting, QR codes AKA Quick Response codes are fast becoming the best way to bridge online and print communications. They are not just a marketing tool. They are a unique communication tool. QR codes are free to generate, and can be printed and displayed almost anywhere, on anything, anytime. They can also quickly and easily disseminate information directly to people who want it, as Marketing Land explains. It’s a nearly perfect medium for colleges…

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QR codes out and scannable images are in at Louis Vuitton

no qr codes louis vuitton

The luxury designer brand has changed their advertising to take out the visually unappealing barcodes. Despite the fact that Louis Vuitton has taken QR codes out of its print advertising, it is still maintaining the scannability of its ads by making it possible for smartphone and tablet users to scan the entire image instead of just a little barcode. The design house feels that the look of the barcodes was not an appealing part of their advertising. Though the QR codes do provide the opportunity for consumers to be able…

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Nellymoser implements massive mobile marketing campaign using many technologies

Mobile Commerce News

Strategies use QR codes, NFC, digital watermarks, and augmented reality in Q1 2012. Massachusetts- based Nellymoser, a technology and marketing company, has cemented its position as leader in the mobile-activated print sector by producing a number of high-profile campaigns within the first three months of the year. Beyond its popular QR code campaigns, it has also used many other techniques for groundbreaking use of mobile technology in publications such as Brides Magazine, Sports Illustrated NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview Issue, and Wired Magazine. Some of the highlights from the various Nellymoser…

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Connecticut company plasters QR codes on clothing, sees surge in clientele

QR Code T-Shirts

QR codes have become a popular way for businesses to engage with consumers. The codes have led the emergence of a new marketing revolution, one focused exclusively on mobile technology. Given the popularity of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, companies have a lot to gain from targeting the mobile audience. There has been no shortage of creative uses for QR codes, but one such use is rarely seen. That is, QR codes do not often adorn clothing. A company in Groton, Connecticut, is changing that. Tee’s Plus, a…

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Large media firm in India uses QR Codes to win over consumers

Cyber Media, and India-based publishing and specialty media firm, has announced that they will be using QR codes in print media throughout India as part of their efforts to connect with customers. Scanning the code with a smart phone, or any web enabled mobile device, will take users to advertisers websites or other associated online content. “QR Codes will make print interactive,” says Prasanto K. Roy, president and editor-in-chief of Cyber Media. “We decided to commercially launch QR codes when telecom operators began rolling out 3G services that will make…

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QR Codes used to beat the race!

Smartphones have taken over nearly every aspect of life. More businesses are tailoring campaigns specifically targeting smart phone users than ever before. One of their primary tools in the constant struggle to gain consumer’s attention is QR codes. The black and white, blocky 2d barcodes have been cropping up all over – in magazines, newspapers and real estate signs – and are now showing up as part of the Murfreesboro Half Marathon in Tennessee. According to race director Melinda Tate, runners will be able to register for the marathon by…

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