Penguin Books and Zappar bring augmented reality to print

Augmented Reality Books - A page from the classic Moby Dick

Print industry attempts to compete with technology with the help of technology Since the advent of technology, the print industry has labored to compete for the affection of consumers. With each new generation, consumers became more enamored with technology, especially that of the mobile variety. Smart phones and other handheld devices have succeeded in peeling consumers away from traditional print media. Print has managed to survive the relentless onslaught of technological gadgets being developed for consumers, but the industry has made note of its own steady decline. In an effort…

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Netherland’s TNT Post partners with Layar to bring augmented reality to its magazine

Augmented Reality Campaign

TNT Post, the national postal service of the Netherlands, is taking a bold new approach to its quarterly magazine publication titled “Er is Post!” The post service has tapped augmented reality developer Layar to make the magazine more interactive. The magazine is delievered to every household in the Netherlands every quarter, giving Layar a large audience to reach out to with its acclaimed technology.  Layar claims that every page of the upcoming magazine will contain an interactive augmented reality experience. Print is considered an “old world” medium today. Many people…

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