Metaio develops augmented reality application for Google Glass

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Augmented reality application is a first for Glass Augmented reality firm Metaio has developed the first authentic AR application for Google Glass. While Glass has yet to be officially released, developers all over the world have been creating applications for the platform to prepare for its launch in the near future. Metaio is one of these companies and is keen to take advantage of Glass’ proclivity for augmented reality. The new application from the firm is meant to be a fully hands-free vehicle maintenance manual. App creates a hands-free maintenance…

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Augmented reality investments slated for major growth

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

Augmented reality to experience strong growth in coming years Augmented reality is beginning to attract major attention as its capabilities become more understood. The technology has faced many challenges in the past, but is quickly becoming an ideal way to engage consumers in a dynamic fashion and provide them with highly interactive experiences that cannot be found through other technologies. A new report from ABI Research suggests that augmented reality is poised to see major investment growth in the coming years as more companies put higher value on this technology.…

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Chocolate Coded takes a practical approach to augmented reality

Chocolate Coded Website Preview - Augmented Reality

Chocolate Coded develops augmented reality platform for miners Australian software developer Chocolate Coded is working on a new augmented reality platform that is designed with miners in mind. The platform is being built to help streamline maintenance and site induction procedures at mine sites throughout Australia. The company believes that augmented reality could have profound practical uses and has taken an opportunity to test the feasibility of the technology in such an application. Chocolate Coded hopes to have its augmented reality platform ready by the end of this year. Interactive…

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Augmented reality becoming more meaningful, study shows

mobile commerce

Augmented reality beginning to break away from novelty Augmented reality may be a promising and innovative technology, but it has long been confined to the world of gimmickry in terms of mobile applications. Today, the technology is most often used to provide mobile users with various kinds of novelty experiences. As such, augmented reality has found itself in a difficult position, as its practical uses remain largely undiscovered. Nonetheless, consumers are expected to soon be exposed to the practical uses of augmented reality in the near future, according to a…

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Sensopia releases updates for its popular MagicPlan application


Design loves augm Sensopia, a software development startup based in Canada, has developed an update for its augmented reality application called MagicPlan. ¬†The application is meant to be more practical than others that use the technology. Thus far, practical uses for augmented reality have been quite rare. The interest in the technology is largely due to its uses in entertainment and marketing. Sensopia, like other technology companies that have taken a recent liking to augmented reality, believe that the technology could serve a greater purpose beyond that of entertainment. The…

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