Why an external battery charger will be a top stocking stuffer purchase this Black Friday

Black Friday Mogix External Battery Charger

Mogix is ready for yet another record breaking holiday season, and this year it’s starting with coupon codes. Fans of the Mogix external battery charger will be thrilled to know the company is offering a 36 percent off coupon code for Amazon shoppers on Black Friday long weekend (starting Today at 4:00PM (PST) through Monday at 11:59pm). To take advantage of the savings, customers simply need to enter the discount code MGXHODAY during the checkout process. This reduces the price by over a third on all the top Mogix products…

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Best Pokemon Go battery drain beating tips

pokemon go battery drain

Nintendo has said that it’s working to fix the draining nature of the game, but until then, you have options. Believe it or not, despite the Pokemon Go battery drain, you can play as long as you want without running out of juice. A key is to be able to use the right tips and tricks to keep your smartphone charged throughout your waking hours. The Pokemon Go app has clearly taken the world to a mobile gaming level it has never before experienced. That said, while this augmented reality…

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Could using a portable phone charger bring you the lowest Uber fares?

Uber app portable phone charger

The rideshare company revealed customers with dying smartphone batteries are more likely to accept surge pricing. While Uber has been quite open about the fact that it uses surge pricing at times of top demand, such as New Year’s Eve, it could be that a portable phone charger might one day make the difference in whether or not a customer will be paying more. The Uber mobile app is able to detect when a user’s smartphone battery life is low and how that impacts willingness to pay. Uber has revealed…

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Winter road trip safety: Don’t forget your cell phone battery pack

cell phone battery pack smartphone mobile trends while driving car auto

The cold weather and icy road surfaces might stop some but as long as precautions are taken they remain possible. Winter may not be the most popular time of the year to head off on a road trip but when you really love to travel, there’s no reason that a bit of cold and snow should stop you, providing that you’ve taken an emergency kit, a cell phone battery pack and some important precautions with you. Planning ahead is one of the most important things that can be done to…

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Top stocking stuffer mobile devices are getting organized

gifts holidays present mobile shopping apps

Gadgets continue to be a top gift but accessories are also becoming some of the leading choices for Christmas 2015. The last few years have proven that mobile devices are continuing to be the top wanted – and given – gifts every holiday season, but this year the accessories are just as important as the main gadgets themselves. Headphones, external battery chargers and organizer hard cases are some top choices to stuff stockings this year. As much as everyone loves to think they’ll be getting the latest smartphone, tablet or…

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Smartphone battery myths that most of us believe

Wireless smartphone Battery Charger And Smartphone Or Tablet

There is a huge amount of false information out there and the shame of it is that we’ve fallen for it! The odds are that you’ve heard some fantastic tips that you have been following in order to make sure you get more out of your smartphone battery life, and while it’s great that you’re willing to make the effort, the truth of the matter is that – in all likelihood – some of them are nothing more than myths. The good news is that a number of sources are…

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The best gadgets for a road trip include mobile tech to a tire pressure gauge

long trip road vacation tire pressure gauge

While many people think about devices to give them directions or keep them busy, safety is important, too. Road trip and summer vacation season is officially here and the list of top gadgets to bring with you when you hit the road has now been released, including everything from a tire pressure gauge to a GPS, and even a backup battery charger. The most important gadgets aren’t just the ones that we use, but also include the ones that support those devices. Taking a road trip every year is a…

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Top 3 Ways that YouTubers are successfully engaging viewers

Justin head social media marketing mogix giveaway

When done right, video bloggers can be experts in social media marketing with hugely effective traffic generation. YouTubers are some of the top leaders when it comes to social media marketing, but just because a video is posted on YouTube, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will generate the desired results. There are certain techniques and social marketing strategies that must be employed for traffic generation and engagement. Some video bloggers have paid attention to what truly works and have built social media marketing strategies on YouTube that generate a…

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How long is your smartphone battery life when compared to the competition?

smartphone battery life

In the length of time that a mobile device can be used between charges, there is a difference from one brand to the next. These days, when shopping for new devices, the top selling features aren’t really slimness and lightness, anymore, but they are instead starting to focus on features such as smartphone battery life. This is because most manufacturers have pretty much mastered an adequate level of slim and light design. However, with the growing use of mobile devices for everyday tasks that are integral to being able to…

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Controversy continues over gadgets for teens in classrooms

mobile phones technology school classroom gadgets for teens

There is no doubt that adolescents love their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, but what about school? As gadgets for teens rapidly take off in their popularity, there has been some controversy that has come along with them, particularly when it comes to the types of advantages and drawbacks to their inclusion in classrooms at school. Some significant problems are now being faced by both teachers and students, alike, when gadgets enter the class. Stats from the 2014 Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey of gadgets for teens, showed that…

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Mogix battery bank has announced its “Middle Mania Sale”

charge two mogix mobile charger battery bank

The power bank company has taken a unique tack to discount its devices well ahead of Valentine’s Day. The battery bank company, Mogix, that features a dog as its mascot – a Jack Russell Terrier with the same name as the company – issued a press release, yesterday, to announce its “After Christmas, After New Year and Before Valentines Sale!” The company is providing the opportunity to mobile technology users to save when purchasing multiple power banks. The logic behind the deal is that some of the most popular tech…

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