Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event is luring players with romance

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Image of Heart

Players will see a dramatic increase in the duration of the lures as they’ll last up to six hours. A Pokémon Go Valentine’s event is under way and it will keep running until February 15. In the theme of love and romance, it will be allowing lures to last for up to six hours instead of the typical half hour limit. The Pokémon Go app still has a large number of dedicated players and the event might bring back more. This new Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event will mean that…

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Pokemon QR codes feature added to Sun and Moon

Pokemon QR codes

A quick response code scanning function will make it possible to easily register additions to their Pokédexes. The capability for scanning Pokemon QR codes is on its way back among the new and returning features that are being brought to Pokémon Sun and Moon, which is the most recent of the Nintendo 3DS games within this franchise for monster catching. By completing a quick scan of a quick response code, Pokémon can be easily registered into a player’s Pokédex. The process of scanning the Pokemon QR codes is extremely fast…

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QR codes are helping Pokémon fans to unlock rare Pokémonsters

qr code stickers scan

For fans who have really “gotta catch ‘em all”, quick response codes can help to get ‘em. Pokémon fans are forever trying to “catch ‘em all”, and now QR codes are playing a role in that effort as some people have started working together to be able to catch some rare, funky, and even unreleased Pokémonsters. This is actually done through an “injecting” hacking technique that is letting fans manipulate their game. The technique is making it possible for players to be able to do everything from change their avatars…

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