QR codes create Philadelphia controversy

QR Codes Used in poetry and books

Barcode poems have been leading to conflicts in the Old City when they were designed to boost visitor interest. The QR codes that have been affixed to buildings throughout Philadelphia over the last couple of years are now drawing more attention than ever due to the controversy that they are starting to generate. The barcodes belong to Judy Breslin, who links them to her haiku poems in Old City, Center City, and South Philly. The QR codes allow the artist to share her poetry without printing them out or requiring…

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Philadelphia International Airport using QR codes to promote artists

QR code Scanning

QR code scanning for more information helps artists. The Philadelphia International Airport has announced that a new series of QR codes will be accompanying its various art installations. The airport is home to some famous works of art from Mary Smull and Anne Schaefer, which many travelers have enjoyed for years. The airport believes that adding QR codes to these works of art could help travelers experience them in a new way. The codes will begin appearing this month on art throughout the airport and can be scanned by any…

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