Apple rejects PewDiePie’s Poopdie app for being too gross

Poopdie - Felix Kjellberg - PewDiePie at PAX 2015

Ultra-popular YouTuber Felix Kjellberg’s new game application is available only on Android. YouTube celebrity Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie, released a free game last week called Poopdie. That said, Apple deemed it too disgusting for its App Store, so iPhone users won’t be playing it, as of the writing of this article. That said, Android device users still have access to this poop-oriented mobile gaming app. Poopdie is essentially a gross-out game that appears to have certain components inspired by The Binding of Isaac. While the user plays the…

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YouTube marketing will look different to viewers next year

Youtube marketing creators big & small

Google has announced that it will be making significant changes to reduce advertising irritation among users. In an effort to boost the viewing experience, YouTube marketing will be undergoing some considerable changes in 2018. The team is already seeking to bring an end to the forms of advertising that are most annoying to viewers. Google, YouTube’s owner, will soon put an end to certain forms of unskippable advertisements. Among the most common forms of YouTube marketing at the moment are the advertisements that run before, mid-roll and after a video…

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