Smartwatches are everywhere: the main competitors are battling fiercely

smartwatches android wear

Even with all of the competition within this market space, there are already some leaders. While the industry for smartwatches remains in its industry, with as these wearable technology devices remain quite rudimentary – despite their considerable technical advancements – and limited, the speed with which it is growing has already allowed certain leaders to be defined and they have managed to generate a considerable amount of hype for themselves. Wearable computing is something that required a definition only a short while ago. Only a handful of months ago would…

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The Pebble Steel smartwatch finally receives fashion approval

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile payments

As other brands devise wearable technology that looks somewhat odd, this one has managed to be stylish. There is no doubt that wearable technology is taking off and that the smartwatch is driving that trend, but until now, the main concern has been that these mobile devices are not all that stylish or visually appealing to wear. The Pebble Steel, however, has managed to become the first one that actually looks good with a suit. The design of the Steel smartwatch from Pebble was created specifically with style and fashion…

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