Commonwealth Bank to launch new mobile commerce application

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

New mobile commerce app coming to Australia The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced that it will be launching a new banking application for iOS and Android devices that leverages NFC technology to enable mobile payments. The application is designed to allow users to purchase goods and services using their mobile devices rather than traditional forms of payment. The platform is not expected to be available for another few months, but the Commonwealth Bank believes that it will find a home with the majority of consumers. Consumers begin demanding new…

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NFC technology news continues to show its versatility

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

Uses for NFC expanding at a rapid pace NFC technology is beginning to gain traction outside of the field of mobile commerce. The technology has proven versatile in its ability to connect with consumers. Companies interested in a higher level of interaction with customers and clients have begun showing more interest in NFC technology and how it can be used. NFC has managed to gain some ground in the mobile marketing industry and in social networking, and these two fields appear rife with opportunity for the growth of NFC. RIM…

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