Mobile commerce is powering growth for PayPal

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PayPal is finding a great deal of success through its focus on the mobile commerce space PayPal is beginning to see significant promise in the mobile commerce space. The company has long held a strong mobile presence, but a stronger focus on mobile commerce specifically may ensure future growth. PayPal has announced that it saw a 21% increase in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2015, with revenue reaching $2.6 billion. This growth was partly due to the acquisition of remittance firm Xoom. Strong support for mobile commerce also secured…

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Mobile payments through PayPal rose 43 percent on Thanksgiving

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When compared to the same day in 2013, m-commerce was found to have broken many records. Holiday shopping is already off with a bang over every channel, and PayPal has now released some of the statistics with regards to the mobile payments that it processed, starting on Thanksgiving Day. What it showed was that its processing as a result of m-commerce is off to a great start in 2014. From that day alone, the company reported that it saw an increase of 56 percent in the global mobile payments volume…

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PayPal launches new Singapore mobile shopping pilot program in subway stations

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PayPal has announced the launch of a new pilot program that it has placed in subway stations in Singapore, which is designed to allow commuters to use their mobile devices to make purchases while they’re on their way to or from school and work. The program involves the participation of eight different stores which are offering mobile consumers passing through the subway stations the opportunity to take advantage of reduced prices on Valentine’s Day gifts. In order to make a purchase, mobile consumers simply need to use their smartphones to…

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