Mcommerce to show notable growth in both eBay and PayPal

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Third quarter earnings in both giants have increased significantly over Q2. Though the first and second quarters showed notable mcommerce achievements for eBay, this did not hold the company back from experiencing yet another important period of growth during the third. The revenue growth seen by eBay in the first half of the fiscal year ended with a 23 percent Q2 rise. This growth is being credited primarily to PayPal, which increased its active member base by approximately one million per month in the second quarter. The Total Payment Volume…

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Mobile payments experience notable boost with PayPal partnership with Discover

Mobile Commerce Industry

The credit card and online transaction company will now be working together. The world of mobile payments has added a new level of drama with the partnership that has just been announced between Discover and PayPal. This has added yet another level to the explosion in the marketplace where smartphones replace cards. Although there have been regular changes to the mobile payments world as this market emerges, until now, there hasn’t been a single announcement that is quite as powerful as this one in terms of providing a competitive advantage…

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PayPal to test new mobile payment system with McDonald’s

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

McDonald’s and PayPal team to provide new service PayPal has announced that it will be testing its new mobile payment system at 30 McDonald’s restaurants throughout France. PayPal has shown interest in mobile commerce, but has all but abandoned NFC technology for its mobile payment ventures. Instead, the commerce company has opted to provide payment services that are more inclusive to those without NFC-enabled mobile devices. The company’s initiative in France positions it to compete with similar mobile commerce initiatives that have been launched through the partnership of Square and…

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Latest PayPal news is the TiVo TV commerce

TV Mobile commerce

eBay announced that it is joining with Comcast to let viewers make donations and purchases. TV commerce, like the new television season, is starting this fall, as eBay announces the PayPal news that it is working with Comcast to allow TiVo owners to use their remotes to make donations and purchase products they see on television sets. All viewers will need to do is click their remotes to purchase products seen in commercials. According to Scott Dunlap, the vice president of PayPal, these viewers will also be able to make…

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eBay mobile payments lead to solid Q1 2012

eBay mobile payments

eBay has reported double digit increases to its mobile payment income through Marketplace and PayPal. Leader in global commerce and mobile payments, eBay Inc. has announced that its first quarter revenue for 2012 was $3.3 billion, which is an increase of 29 percent when compared to the same time last year. The eBay first quarter report indicated that the company saw a GAAP net income of $570 million, which translates to $0.44 per diluted share. It also stated that its non-GAAP net income was about $0.55 per share, at $725…

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