Mcommerce push made by PayPal proves beneficial to Hong Kong businesses

Hong Kong mobile payments

Merchants in the region could find the company’s mobile services to be highly advantageous. One of the leading online payment companies in the world, PayPal, already boasts 123 million accounts with active users and is now stating that merchants in areas such as Hong Kong could be poised to increase their shipments due to the expansion of the service in order to cater to mcommerce. PayPal has announced that some of these newly included regions are among those experiencing the fastest growth. Online and mcommerce is taking off in areas…

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Mobile commerce report from eBay shows massive successes

Ebay augmented reality Mobile Commerce

The findings indicate that the channel is booming and that retail purchases are skyrocketing. According to mobile commerce research collected and published by eBay and PayPal, smartphones have generated approximately $5.6 billion in retail sales in Australia throughout 2012, so far. This statistic illustrates a massive jump in the use of these devices for purchasing and shopping. In 2010, at the same time, the retail sales over mobile commerce had reached only $155 million. This provides a very clear picture regarding the speed of the penetration of smartphone technology in…

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M-commerce partnerships spreading at PayPal

mobile payments partnership deal

The company has revealed that it is working with Shopgate, following other similar announcements. PayPal has announced the latest in its m-commerce partnerships, as it joins forces with Shopgate, a mobile commerce service provider based in Germany. This news release followed close on the heels of the announcement of its partnership with Moneygram. By partnering with Shopgate, PayPal will be able to offer a larger number of opportunities to online stores. This primarily focuses on a joint package that will let them not only expand their traditional online shops, but…

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Mcommerce to show notable growth in both eBay and PayPal

mobile payments trends

Third quarter earnings in both giants have increased significantly over Q2. Though the first and second quarters showed notable mcommerce achievements for eBay, this did not hold the company back from experiencing yet another important period of growth during the third. The revenue growth seen by eBay in the first half of the fiscal year ended with a 23 percent Q2 rise. This growth is being credited primarily to PayPal, which increased its active member base by approximately one million per month in the second quarter. The Total Payment Volume…

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