PayPal backs their new mobile payments wallet platform with QR codes

paypal mobile payments app - money2020

The goal of the service is to be able to provide a smooth and seamless omni-channel experience. At the 2013 Money2020 event in Las Vegas, the vice president of retail and prepaid products at PayPal, Don Kingsborough, provided the team from QR Code Press with considerable insight into the goals and future of the service in the smartphone and tablet sphere. Kingsborough referred to the use of these devices as “connected commerce”, which offers notable convenience. Speaking on that subject, he explained that mobile payments as a part of connected…

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Mobile commerce report from PayPal offers trend insights

paypal venmo mobile payments

The online payments giant has released its data for both smartphone based and traditional online shopping. There is no doubt that there is a future in online shopping, but what the latest data is showing is that mobile commerce is already the preferred method of making an online purchase and that smartphones are the top device over tablets and laptop or desktop computers when shopping outside of the home. This new study was conducted by PayPal and the results were just recently released. Within PayPal’s study, it looked into the…

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eBay secures new mobile partnerships and predicts significant m-commerce growth this year

eBay mobile payments

eBay Inc. has announced that they are predicting significant volume growth in its m-commerce segment, as well as in its regular e-commerce and auction website, as it anticipates a sizeable increase in the number of people who use their smartphones to shop and pay for products. This online marketplace giant has already been making especially large steps forward into the mobile commerce environment, having developed new apps for its e-commerce platforms. The company has predicted that it will bring in $8 billion in m-commerce retail volume this year, and that…

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