PaymentOne and Live Gamer work together to bring growth to global options for mobile payment


Live Gamer, the first combined advertising and digital commerce platform for the interactive entertainment sector in the world, and PaymentOne, a leader in mobile payments worldwide, have announced that they will be working together to grow the international options for mobile payment. The AnyPhone platform by PaymentOne provides end users with an easy solution for using their mobile phones to make in-game purchases. The partnership is designed to allow PaymentOne to offer integrated payment services within the platform at Live Gamer, so that AnyPhone will be available to the significant…

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PaymentOne unveils new initiative to protect and assist mobile payment customers

Mobile Commerce

The global mobile payments leader, PaymentOne Corporation, has announced the start of the One Care portal, which is a initiative for consumer advocacy that will guide the industry and help to make certain that consumers and merchants achieve positive mobile payment experiences. One Care would have marketing guidelines established to lead the industry, and would allow for greater investment into IT systems that would assist mobile payment users in being better capable of managing their transactions. Through this initiative, PaymentOne is helping to build a much greater defense against deceptive,…

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