Online and mobile commerce record broken by Alibaba’s Singles’ Day

mobile commerce record

More smartphone shoppers than ever took part in the huge bargain purchasing event. The Alibaba Singles’ Day Shopping Festival managed to break online and, especially mobile commerce record figures once again this year. Chinese shoppers used their mobile devices to grab great discounts leaving former records in the dust. The estimated total sales for the event continued to rise until reaching an estimated $19 to $25 billion. The event itself is practically designed to break the mobile commerce record of the year before. It is a combination between a bargain…

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Amazon augmented reality gives a high tech boost to its Apple app users

amazon augmented reality

The massive online marketplace introduced a new feature letting consumers visualize products in real life. This week, Amazon augmented reality found its start in the iOS version of the shopping app. The new feature is called AR View, and it gives shoppers the ability to visualize the products they’re considering for online purchase within a space in real life. The app, the phone camera and the display let consumers view the products as though they were in the room. So far, the Amazon augmented reality feature is available only in…

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Mobile shopping is expected to be big on Thanksgiving

Adobe News mobile shopping

Adobe Digital Index data has shown that this will be the second year in a row that m-commerce will rise sharply. Aside from getting together with family and stuffing themselves full of an unimaginable amount of turkey, this Thanksgiving will also be a time when many Americans turn to mobile shopping to get themselves into the holiday shopping mood. The retail craving has always been strong on this holiday, and online browsing and buying is moving to smartphones. According to the Adobe Digital Index, Thanksgiving this year is expected to…

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Back to school mobile shopping is “stressful” to parents

QR codes book school mobile shopping

A new report has shown that when it comes to strain on consumers, this time of year beats out holiday purchases. Performance analytics company, Soasta, has now released the findings of the Soasta Back to School Shopping Report Card, which is an annual survey that examines various components of online and mobile shopping purchases. The focus of this survey was on the stressors for shoppers when shopping for the upcoming school year. What this online and mobile shopping research determined was that virtually all (91 percent) back to school shoppers…

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Mobile commerce is expected to rise by 33 percent in India, next year

India mobile phone manufacturing

In 2016, the Indian population is expected to take on smartphone based shopping with a vengeance. According to a recent study that has been published jointly by Grant Thornton and the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, online purchases made over mobile commerce will break the 40 million mark by the close of next year. Comparatively speaking, the current level is believed to be around 30 million mobile device users. As a whole, the e-commerce market growth rate is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate…

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M-commerce trends are drawing buyers

m-commerce mobile apps

The many shopping trends currently taking off are sending shoppers to their smartphones to a rising degree. As consumers look toward digital resources to a rising extent, m-commerce is benefiting from those shopping behaviors as a growing number of them look to their smartphones and tablets to learn more about brands, products, and stores where they can make a purchase. They are using those gadgets to find out about where they can buy in person, on their PC, or over mobile. This shift in m-commerce use is making it increasingly…

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Mobile commerce is growing in South Africa

Paypal mobile payments

Survey shows that consumers are participating in mobile commerce more readily in South Africa South Africa may be on the verge of a commerce boom powered by the mobile sector, according to a new survey from Ipsos. The country has become home to a thriving mobile commerce market, where the growing number of mobile shoppers have begun to have a major impact on the retail industry. The survey shows that consumers are becoming more interested in shopping online, both from personal computers and from their mobile devices. Consumers are using…

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Mobile commerce reaches new heights globally

mobile shopping confidence trends

New report from Criteo shows that mobile shopping is more than just a passing fancy Criteo, a performance marketing technology firm, has released the latest edition of its Mobile Commerce Report. The report highlights the results seen in the mobile sector during the fourth quarter of 2014, showcasing emerging trends and addressing consumer shopping behavior. The report has found that mobile now accounts for a large portion of online transactions, especially in parts of the world where mobile technology penetration is high, such as the United States. Mobile now accounts…

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E-commerce set to boom in Canada, but not for domestic retailers

Canada Post e-commerce

Digital commerce is growing as consumers begin to shop online more regularly E-commerce may be set for a boom in Canada. Forrester Research has released a new report that shines a spotlight on the potential growth of digital commerce during the holiday season. Canada has been somewhat sluggish when it comes to e-commerce, with many of the country’s retailers showing only modest interest in engaging mobile and digital consumers. In Canada, only 6% of all retail sales are made online, but a growing number of Canadians are beginning to show…

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Russia is an emerging e-commerce market

Russia Mobile apps e-Commerce

Report highlights the potential of Russia as a major market for online retailers Russia may be the next place for an e-commerce boom. A new report from yStats shows that online sales in Russia are growing at a fast pace. Consumers throughout the country are beginning to shop more online than they have in the past few years and as consumers become more reliant on mobile technology, large retailers are beginning to take notice. In the coming years, Russia may become one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets. Russian digital…

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Yahoo re-launches its e-commerce service

yahoo mobile app

Yahoo Stores is being re-launched in order to help the company find a footing in the digital retail space Yahoo has announced that it will be re-launching its beleaguered e-commerce platform, called Yahoo Stores. The platform had served as a way for the company to connect with digital consumers and businesses, providing them with a way to shop online. Unfortunately, the platform found it difficult to compete with others being offered by companies like Amazon and eBay and eventually fell to obsolescence. The new Yahoo Stores system is adopting a…

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