Retailers may be missing out on mobile commerce opportunities

Mobile commerce shopping trends

Holidays highlight the value of mobile shopping The holidays have long been a very important time of year for retailers. During the holiday season, consumers are much more likely to spend money so that they can purchase gifts for their loved ones. In the past, this involved going to physical stores and, in many cases, waiting in long lines just to purchase a single product. Holiday shopping is also quite a chaotic time, so beyond being a significant time investment, consumers must compete with the dangers that exist in navigating…

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eBay prepares to bring mobile commerce to Brazil

brazil mobile commerce ebay

eBay to launch new application to boost mobile commerce presence in Brazil Retail giant eBay is preparing to enter into Brazil’s e-commerce space and is set to launch its first fashion-centric mobile application. The application is meant to help the company establish a strong e-commerce presence among fashion consumers. The eBay Fashion application will be made available for both iOS and Android platforms and will allow users to browse and purchase clothing and other fashion products from select brands. The application will also serve as a modest mobile commerce platform,…

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T-commerce is following right on the heels of m-commerce


While mobile commerce (m-commerce) has been receiving a significant amount of attention, another popular mobile device, the tablet, is now also being recognized as an invaluable vehicle for commerce opportunities. In order to benefit from tablet commerce (t-commerce), businesses need to recognize that a desktop site’s interface is different from that of a tablet. For example, mouse clicks are not tracked on a tablet. Instead, swipes and smudges are what matter. In order to appeal to tablet users, it is recommended that sites should feature multi-touch functionality in the right…

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