QR codes in bookstore campaign link to open copies of banned books

QR codes - Person shopping at bookstore

The new Oklahoma location is using the barcodes to help challenge the bans in the state. A bookstore in Oklahoma has started using merchandise with QR codes printed on it as a way to challenge a state book ban with which it does not agree. When the barcodes printed on the merchandise are scanned, they link to a list of banned books. Scanning the QR codes on the free merchandise provides the scanner with access to open copies of books that have been banned by the state. The owner of…

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QR codes to adorn Oklahoma medical licenses

QR Codes Used for Medical

Medical licenses in Oklahoma will be the first to feature QR codes QR codes may be losing some grounds in some areas of marketing, but they are making up for it in the medical field. The codes are becoming increasingly common in hospitals and other medical care facilities because of their ability to provide access to concise health information for both patients and health care providers. The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision has announced that it will be putting QR codes to use as on the medical…

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QR codes used by American medical board for first time

mhealth qr codes

The licenses for medical professionals, such as doctors, will now features the barcodes. The latest announcement from the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision – also referred to simply as the “Medical Board” – has revealed that the organization will be using QR codes on all of the licenses that it issues to medical professionals in the state. This will make Oklahoma the first state in the country to use the barcodes on these documents. The QR codes will be applied to the official documentation of doctors, physicians,…

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