Augmented reality makes an impression in Canada

Augmented Reality turning print ads into interactive media

Canada gets bombarded with augmented reality during Thanksgiving Canada recently kicked off its Thanksgiving celebrations and among the festivities augmented reality began to appear nearly everywhere. Digital content flooded the country over the weekend, much of which was accessed through mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. This digital content was embedded in numerous materials, such as newspapers, print advertisements, and was also promoted during sports broadcasts and other televised events. When the celebrations came to an end, augmented reality had left its mark on Thanksgiving. Digital content finds…

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Vuzix to show off new products at world renowned events

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Vuzix attends insideAR and OARN events Vuzix, a leading designer of high-tech eyewear, has announced that it will be participating in two of the largest augmented reality conferences in the world. The first is insideAR, which will be held in Germany, and the other is the Ontario Augmented Reality Network (OARN), which will take place in Toronto, Canada. Vuzix is keen to show off the work it has been doing in the augmented reality field and is expected to showcase its augmented reality glasses during both events. Products using metaio…

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