Nuviz Brings Augmented Reality to Ordinary Helmets with Ride:HUD

You may have heard or read about augmented reality helmets… but now San Diego based Nuviz has went one step ahead by introducing world’s first independent device that will give ordinary helmets a Head-Up Display. This brand new device from Nuviz is called Ride:HUD and its see through Heads Up Display technology has been especially designed for motorcyclists. The Nuviz Ride: HUD actually enables the riders to view information like navigation, weather and telemetry in the low right corner of their helmets’ field of vision, where it displays transparent images…

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Augmented reality helmet beta testers sought by Skully

Skully augmented reality helmets

The AR-1 heads up display of real time info is projected as an overlay on top of the view of the real world. Skully has come up with its AR-1 heads up display augmented reality helmet in order to help to decrease the amount of distraction that is experienced by motorcycle drivers while they’re on the road and they’re now looking for beta testers to help them to give the product more polish based on the use of real people in actual situations. The voice controlled heads-up display (HUD) provides…

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