Mobile security issues raised with NSA use of popular apps

NSA mobile security and privacy

Commonly downloaded and used applications may be used to draw user data by the agency. The very latest in a rash of claims that have been made within the documents that were revealed by Edward Snowden has reportedly been the mobile security news that the NSA – as well as its counterpart in the United Kingdom, the GCHQ – is using apps such as Google Maps, Angry Birds, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr (to name only a few) to obtain user data. The intelligence agency has allegedly been using “leaky” apps…

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Mobile security battle launched by tech giants against Big Brother

mobile devices security threats

The technology industry is enraged about the surveillance from the NSA that was recently revealed. The New York Times has recently reported that the giants of the tech environment, such as Google, are now spending millions to enhance their online and mobile security internal data encryption in order to help to keep the National Security Agency (NSA) from being able to hack “their systems without their knowledge or cooperation”. This is only one of many reports since June, regarding the spying that the NSA has been doing. The American government…

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