Mobile commerce may be the future of small business

Starting a small business can be a daunting task, especially in a world dominated by mobile technology. A massive amount of people rely on smartphones and other devices in their everyday lives, and while the mobile space can be difficult to break into, a focus on mobile technology could be a major advantage for budding entrepreneurs. Setting up a small business requires more than embracing mobile technology, of course, and one of the major challenges many people face in building a new company is obtaining the financial support they need…

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Pennsylvania economic development organization to use QR codes to help businesses

Pennsylvania QR Code

QR codes are coming to the world of business development in Pennsylvania. The Union County Economic Development Corporation (UCEDC), a non-profit organizing that provides resources to small startups and other businesses in the state, will be among the first economic development organizations in the nation to leverage QR codes. The codes will allow the organization to distribute information quickly and provide access to a wealth of economic and realty data. The initiative will help business owners make informed decision on where to set up shop and how their business will…

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