Windows Phone 8 may be equipped with City Lens

Windows Phone 8

Leaked information points to augmented reality in Windows Phone 8 A tide of information has been leaked recently concerning new mobile technology coming from Nokia. The famed IT company seems to have a variety of new gadgets under development, including a charging station that will power mobile devices without the use of wires. One of the more popular pieces of information that has been leaked recently is the possibility of the new Windows Phone 8 having inherent augmented reality capabilities. According to this information, the Windows Phone 8 may come…

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Nokia unveils new augmented reality application called City Lens

Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality

New augmented reality app available for Lumia Windows Phones Nokia has launched a new mobile augmented reality application for its Windows Phone-based Lumia 710, 800, and 900. The company has developed the application to meet specific needs of consumers based on feedback that was provided to the Nokia Beta Labs. Augmented reality is quickly becoming a prominent part of the mobile technology world. Consumers have been exposed to augmented reality applications with more frequency recently and have shown a great deal of interest in the technology. This interest has encouraged…

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Nokia’s City Lens application to be available for Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 models

Augmented Reality Nokia

Famed telecommunications company Nokia has begun showing off its new augmented reality mobile application. The app is called Nokia City Lens and will be available for the Nokia Lumia 800 and the upcoming Lumia 900. The company has been investing in a number of different mobile technologies in an effort to provide consumers with a new experience. Augmented reality is part of Nokia’s plan as it allows consumers to see the world in a way they have never done so before. Nokia City Lens is, essentially, an augmented reality version…

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Nokia announced new augmented reality browser

Nokia Main Headquarters

As augmented reality technology becomes more popular, more tech companies are investing into AR browsers – programs akin to web browsers but used for the real world. Nokia has unveiled plans for their rendition of this technology, called Nokia Live View. The browser is being developed by Nokia Beta Labs and will be available for Symbian^5 mobile devices. It will be an add-on to Nokia’s popular Ovi Maps application, which is very similar to Google Maps. The browser integrates with the Ovi Maps platform, allowing users to navigate their environment…

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