QR codes may not be doomed, study shows

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A new report published by Nielsen has found that consumers like to use in-store quick response codes. A recent technology news report released by Nielsen with regards to mobile payments has shown that people actually do like to use QR codes when it comes to purchasing things while in a brick and mortar shop. The study showed that mobile payments users have a preference for methods using quick response codes. In fact, nearly half of the participants in the Nielsen survey – that is, 45 percent of them, out of…

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Wearables are owned by 15 percent of consumers who know about them

Power balance fitness band wearables technology

A recent Connected Life Report from Nielsen has revealed that many people who know the term are wearing one. According to the recently published Nielsen Connected Life Report, among the people who actually know what wearables are, and understand the term itself, fifteen percent already own and use one. The survey conducted by Nielsen involved the participation of 3,956 respondents. The research itself was done, last year in November. This is interesting because there has been a great deal of movement in the wearables industry since that time. There have…

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Mobile shopping becoming a major part of mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce augmented reality marketing campain

Report details the growing popularity of mobile shopping A new report from Nielsen, a global marketing and advertising research companies, shows that the popularity of mobile commerce continues to skyrocket. Mobile shopping, in particular, proves to be one of the most widely trafficked sectors of mobile commerce and major brands have emerged as the dominant force in the market. Mobile commerce is often thought of in terms of how NFC technology could be used to make payments with smart phones, but the industry is not limited to mobile devices as…

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