NFC technology proves popular amongst university students

NFC Technology in clothing

NFC technology being used for more than commerce There are many uses for NFC technology that extend beyond the world of commerce. Before the technology became the backbone of mobile commerce, for instance, it was used in marketing to provide consumers with engaging experiences. Now, the technology is becoming more popular in the world of security because of its uses in access control. Ironically, NFC technology is currently surrounded by controversy concerning its security and how it can be easily exploited. The security industry has only ever seen these concerns…

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Google expands features of their recently launched mobile wallet platform

M Payment

Google is bringing new features to their mobile wallet product in the coming months. The company recently launched their Google Wallet platform for NFC-enabled smart phones, hoping to lead the charge toward mobile commerce. Google hopes to entice mobile consumers to adopt their financial tool over those offered by competitors by presenting them with a sleuth of discounts and coupons. This new feature will be called SingleTap, and signals a partnership between Google and several retail companies to bring discounts to consumers. Google’s Wallet uses NFC technology to transform a…

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Industry shaping NFC Forum updates NFC technology to make it more intuitive

Mobile Sharing

The NFC Forum, a multinational non-profit industry association that promotes the technology and establishes standards within the NFC industry, has announced an update to NFC specifications. The update will allow NFC devices to interact with one another in an active fashion. Current NFC applications rely on an active reader device, such as a smart phone, and a passive device, such as a NFC terminal or mobile wallet. The Forum believes that the update will make the technology much more intuitive than its previous incarnation. To make use of the Forum’s…

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Everyone is talking about new mobile wallet technology

Mobile Payments

Though credit cards are still the standard here in the United States, in other parts of the world – such as Kenya – smartphones have replaced the card and card-reader technology which are now considered to be obsolete in that nation. In fact, among Kenyan adults, 70 percent use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services at a point of sale, and this country is not alone. Around the globe, an ever increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to pay for retail goods, groceries, and…

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