NFC technology enabled devices will reach 500 million next year

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Half a billion devices will be equipped with these chips by the year 2014. The number of NFC technology enabled devices that will allow smartphones and tablets to transmit data such as credit card and other payments information will break the 500 million mark by the end of 2014, says a recent report. The latest study from ABI Research has shown that the number of these devices is growing fast. The ABI Research report has indicated that even by the end of this year, there will have been 285 million…

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NFC technology to continue growing in 2013

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NFC technology to take steps forward in coming year NFC technology is gaining ground in more than just mobile commerce. The technology has long held the interest of businesses and consumers for its capabilities in data sharing and communication. NFC technology can effectively serve as a bridge between a company and a consumer, using nothing more than a mobile device to keep this connection strong and vibrant. As 2013 approaches, the capabilities and reach of NFC technology are expected to expand significantly. Consumer Electronics Association predicts the growth of smart…

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NFC technology enabled smartphones will fall short of predictions

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Juniper Research data shows that near field communication transactions will not reach forecasts. According to the latest data from Juniper Research, previous predictions regarding NFC technology transactions over smartphones will be greater than the reality. The values of near field communication transactions worldwide is expected to reach $110 billion by 2017. This figure is notably lower than a previous prediction that Juniper Research had made, which said that by 2017, the NFC technology based transactions would hit $180 billion. According to the report, which was entitled “NFC Mobile Payments –…

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NFC technology will be enabled in approximately 1.95 million devices in 5 years

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Most of these gadgets will be smartphones, according to recent research. It is believed that by the end of 2013, NFC technology will have completed its trial phase and will begin to be included a much broader range of different devices. This will continue over time until there is a tremendous spike in the availability of enabled gadgets. In fact, according to the research outlined in a mobile commerce news report by ABI Research, by 2017, there will have been 1.95 billion devices enabled with NFC technology that have been…

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