Sequent Software develops new technology that will let almost everyone adopt mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile payments

Telecommunications and technology companies, along with financial institutions, have been locked in a battle to establish dominance in the budding mobile commerce industry. The industry relies heavily on NFC technology, which allows consumers to make purchase from their mobile devices. Consumers have responded well, thus far, to the prospect of their mobile devices becoming a payment platform, but there is a problem keeping mobile commerce from mass adoption. The problem is that NFC technology is available only to a precious few smart phones – those equipped with microchips that allow…

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NFC Forum issues global call for innovative NFC-related projects

NFC Technology

The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that promotes universal standards regarding the use of NFC technology, has issued a worldwide call to technology developers, inviting them to participate in the upcoming Tap into Innovation NFC Global Competition 2012. The association is looking for promising new projects that could advance the use of NFC technology. The group is anticipating a wide variety of entries into the competition that cover a number of different industries. NFC technology is becoming a major force in the worlds of commerce and marketing. The technology…

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