NFC technology trial to begin at McDonald’s in Canada

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

A new mobile payments program has started its testing at the fast food chain giant. McDonald’s has just announced that it is beginning a trial run of its first NFC technology mobile payments program at some of its Canadian restaurant locations. The service allows individuals with enabled smartphones to simply tap their devices to pay for their meals. The restaurant chain has partnered with the Interac Association to be able to offer mobile payments through NFC technology enabled smartphones and readers. Interac Flash is the name of the contactless solution…

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NFC technology based mobile payments debit transactions launched in Canada

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

The country’s largest bank, RBC, has now debuted its touchless transaction service. Another bank has entered into the lucrative and yet highly competitive mobile payment environment as Interac has partnered up with the largest Canadian bank, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in order to bring contactless debit transactions to consumers through NFC technology enabled smartphones. The service is expected to roll out for actual use by consumers “in the coming year”. The demonstration of this service was held by RBC at a McDonald’s restaurant located in downtown Toronto, Canada.…

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