MasterCard mobile payments technology “Blend” maybe a winner!

Mastercard qr codes mobile commerce

The 2013 Money2020 event showed a step away from an exclusive focus on NFC technology. Though Las Vegas is alive and hyped at any given time, the Money2020 event, this year, created even more of a stir as news of the focus of mobile payments giants, such as MasterCard and PayPal, on the use of QR codes has turned tech predictions on their heads. Ed McLaughlin from MasterCard was in attendance and revealed a number of insights. McLaughlin is the chief emerging payments officer at MasterCard and he explained that…

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NFC technology has lost its charm for RBC

Royal bank of Canada (RBC) mobile commerce platform

The Canadian bank is already looking to introduce cloud based transactions within the country. Though RBC and CIBC – two of the major Canadian banks – have already rolled out mobile payments services based on NFC technology, it seems that this trend may not have caught on fast enough for Royal Bank’s taste. Though the tech has barely had the opportunity to get off the ground, the bank is already moving on to something else. RBC has made an announcement that suggests that NFC technology may already be on its…

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NFC technology could greatly benefit QSRs

NFC Technology mobile payments

Near field communications could make fast food restaurants a speedier experience for consumers. The entire experience of the quick service restaurant (QSR) is based on being able to obtain a meal very rapidly, and although things have slowed down a bit over the years, NFC technology could provide the necessary tools to make this process speedier. Near field communication could allow mobile payments to be complete with a simple tap of the device. This is vitally important in QSRs, where every second counts, regardless of whether the customer has ordered…

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New mobile payments service set for launch in Taiwan

Mobile payments platform

Mobile payments are making strong progress in Taiwan Mobile payments are making strong progress around the world, especially as major organizations become more involved in this emerging sector. In Taiwan, the country’s third-largest telecommunications company has ambitious plans for mobile payments. Far EasTone Telecommunications has announced the launch of a new mobile payments pilot project that seeks to leverage the capabilities of NFC technology to enable consumers to purchase goods and services from their mobile devices. The company has set the launch for the project during the second half of…

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Chunghwa Telecom plans new mobile payments initiative

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile payments are gaining ground throughout Asia Taiwanese telecommunications company Chunghwa Telecom has been showing some strong interest in mobile commerce lately. The company, like many others in its industry, has been taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce throughout Asia. Mobile payments are gaining ground as mobile devices become more readily available to a broader range of consumers throughout Asia. Chunghwa believes that the time is right to establish itself in the mobile commerce field and has targeted both QR codes and NFC technology in order to…

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NFC technology based Google Wallet stops intentions for plastic card

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

The mobile payments program is designed to kill off credit cards, and this now includes its own. Google wallet, the mobile payments program from the search engine giant that is based on NFC technology has been referred to as a credit card killer because its intentions are to revolutionize the transaction marketplace. However, it looks as though the first credit card the program will be killing off is its own. Google Wallet’s head, Osama Bedier, left and once he was gone, an internal memo that was released revealed that it…

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Mobile payments see strong growth in China

NFC tags technology

Mobile payments are taking Asia by storm Mobile payments have been growing more common throughout Asia. More consumers are purchasing smartphones and tablets and opening themselves up to new forms of commerce that had been largely restricted to stationary computers in the past. As mobile payments become more prolific, the need for an infrastructure capable of fostering their continued growth and convenience is becoming more realized. China’s Kainan University is poised to address this issue with a focus on NFC technology. University plans to support the growth of mobile commerce…

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Mobile payments from Sure Tap now available to Canadian Android users

Mobile Payments

Until now, this service has been available only to consumers in Canada with BlackBerry devices. Sure Tap was first launched in Canada last year, in order to allow a partnership between the CIBC bank and Rogers Communications to offer mobile payments through NFC enabled devices. However, at that time, it was only BlackBerry using Rogers subscribers who could use the service. This made the initial step toward mobile payments in Canada a very limited one. However, Sure Tap has now announced that it has released a new version of the…

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Mobile payments contactless option to launch in Iceland

blackberry mobile payments visa

The new program will allow merchants to accept transactions through smartphones in store. It has just been announced that Iceland will be taking its first steps into the mobile payments world, as the Valitor card issuer has entered into a partnership with the Point electronic transaction solutions provider, for a software that will let merchants accept transactions through contactless Visa cards and smartphones through PayWave. This will make it possible for consumers to leave their wallets at home and use smartphones to check out. This new mobile payments option in…

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Mobile commerce may need to shrug off NFC technology

Mobile Commerce NFC technology

NFC may be a hindrance to mobile commerce Mobile commerce is becoming much more than a passing trend. Companies both large and small are beginning to invest heavily into mobile commerce, considering this emerging sector to be the next evolutionary step for commerce as a whole. This belief is being backed by hordes of consumers participating in mobile commerce, many of whom are citing convenience as their reason for abandoning traditional forms of commerce. There is a problem that could serve to derail the future of mobile commerce, however. As…

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NFC technology trial to begin at McDonald’s in Canada

McDonalds NFC Technology mobile payments

A new mobile payments program has started its testing at the fast food chain giant. McDonald’s has just announced that it is beginning a trial run of its first NFC technology mobile payments program at some of its Canadian restaurant locations. The service allows individuals with enabled smartphones to simply tap their devices to pay for their meals. The restaurant chain has partnered with the Interac Association to be able to offer mobile payments through NFC technology enabled smartphones and readers. Interac Flash is the name of the contactless solution…

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