NFC technology startup purchased by Google

Galaxy S III NFC Technology

The company that came up with “bumping” phones to share information is now being acquired by the tech giant. It has just been revealed that Google has purchased an NFC technology startup that developed an application that gives users the ability to share data simply by bumping their enabled smartphones together. This, according to the company, itself, which is called Bump Technologies. David Lieb, the chief and co-founder of Bump Technologies did not provide any information regarding the terms of the deal, but has now stirred his own team into…

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NFC applications market to grow to $10 billion by 2016

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

MarketsandMarkets report shows the growth of NFC technology A new report from MarketsandMarkets, a market research firm, paints a promising future for the world of NFC mobile applications. NFC technology has entered a period of rapid growth, powered by the proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices. NFC has become a powerful force in the worlds of marketing and commerce and is expected to continue making waves in these industries for years to come. MarketsandMarkets’ report shows that NFC applications are beginning to pick up momentum, which will translate…

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