Report claims mobile commerce industry tied to the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices

Mobile Payments

A new report from GBI Research, a strategic intelligence and analysis firm covering a multitude of industries around the world, suggests that mobile commerce may be held back by the availability of NFC-enabled smart phones and other mobile devices. The report, titled Near Field Communication Market to 2016 – Increased Availability of NFC Embedded Handsets Key for Higher Market Penetration, covers a variety of topics concerning the progress of the mobile commerce industry and how telecommunications companies are affecting it. Notably, the report compares the various international standards governing the…

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Infographic shows possible ways NFC technology could be used in the near future

Mobile Payments

  The United Kingdom’s orange Business Services, an information technology and communications company, has high hopes for NFC technology. NFC is becoming more popular as the prospect of mobile commerce grows. Consumers around the world are now being exposed to the technology for the sake of familiarity and orange believes that this will lead to some new uses for NFC. The company has created an infographic which details their expectations for the technology in the near future. The technology’s uses in mobile commerce are well known by now, but many…

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Connecthings expects to see the end of QR codes to come at the hands of NFC tags

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Connecthings, a company specializing in NFC-based services and analysis, believes that NFC tags will, one day, be the end of QR codes. Many companies interested in mobile marketing have made similar claims in the past, but such predictions have yet to come true. According to Connecthings, however, more consumers are using NFC tags than QR codes. The France-based firm has distributed more than 24,000 NFC tags throughout Europe and has found that they are quite popular with consumers with smart phones. The firm claims that consumers with NFC-enabled smart phones…

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Report shows the rampant growth of the NFC mobile applications market

Mobile commerce Risks

A new report from Markets and Markets, a market research firm, paints a promising picture for the future of NFC technology. NFC has been around for several years but has only recently become a technology of consequence. It has provided advertisers with a new way to engage consumers who are growing increasingly reliant on mobile technology. NFC has also helped birth the new industry of mobile commerce. As such, the market for NFC applications, such as mobile wallets, has become more valuable. In 2011, the market saw revenue growth of…

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Freescale Semiconductor and Inside Secure team to make new NFC-enabled prepaid electricity meter design

Electricity Meters

Freescale Semiconductor, a leading manufacturer of micro-technologies, and Inside Secure, a mobile technology company specializing in NFC, have come together to create a new contactless, prepaid utility meter design. The design aims to bring more security to the world of electronic meter products as well as help modernize the utilities industry. Prepaid electricity meters are quite popular throughout the world, but have been the target of fraud in the past. Both companies claim that the new design system will be much more reliable in terms of safety. The design is…

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NFC Forum members to show off new products at the NRF Annual Convention and Expo this month

NFC Technology

Members of the NFC Forum, a conglomerate of companies working to establish standards on usage of NFC technology, will be in attendance at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Convention and Expo event this month in New York City. The long-standing event will attract businesses from all over the world and expose them to new trends emerging in the worlds of marketing, commerce and general business. The NFC Forum plans to unveil new, innovative retail solutions based on NFC technology, hoping to raise awareness of how powerful the technology can…

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Intel to release new NFC-enabled “ultrabook” laptops by the end of the year

Intel mobile security software

Technology giant Intel has announced a new line of portable computers called “ultrabooks.” The company has begun feeling pressure from competitor Apple in the laptop market, which has grown in the past few years as more consumers begin to show signs of favoring mobility over anything else. Intel’s ultrabooks are designed to be high-performance machines that are durable and house some of the best features Intel has to offer. Many of these features are quite impressive, but Intel’s most innovative addition to the ultrabooks is an NFC chip that will…

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Intel to make computer chips that incorporate NFC technology

wearables Intel California Headquarters

The Intel Corporation has announced that it will be developing a new line of computer chips that make use of NFC technology. The acclaimed chip maker has partnered with INSIDE Secure, a French technology company that has been working on promoting NFC chips for some time. Intel believes that NFC, along with augmented reality, will be a major component to future computer systems and will change the way computers share data with one another. Intel has yet to release any specific details regarding its plans for NFC chips, but the…

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ABI Research shows that NFC-based mobile marketing is valued at $300 million

NFC technology Tags

ABI Research, a market research firm, has released a new report suggesting that mobile marketing tactics focused on in-store messaging and sales tags is currently worth $300 million. The report shows that the value of mobile marketing is on the rise as more NFC-enabled mobile devices enter the commercial market. With NFC chips finding their way into more marketing materials, such as posters and pamphlets, companies adopting mobile marketing strategies may be on the verge of a major breakthrough in terms of consumer engagement. Several companies, including Google and Nokia,…

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Industry shaping NFC Forum updates NFC technology to make it more intuitive

Mobile Sharing

The NFC Forum, a multinational non-profit industry association that promotes the technology and establishes standards within the NFC industry, has announced an update to NFC specifications. The update will allow NFC devices to interact with one another in an active fashion. Current NFC applications rely on an active reader device, such as a smart phone, and a passive device, such as a NFC terminal or mobile wallet. The Forum believes that the update will make the technology much more intuitive than its previous incarnation. To make use of the Forum’s…

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