NFC technology could be a boon for car thieves

NFC technology-Auto

Auto industry begins to see repercussions from use of NFC technology NFC technology may be a new addition to the marketing and commerce industries, but this is not the case with the auto industry. Automakers have been making use of NFC technology since its debut in 2004. The technology is often used as a form of contactless entry or engine starter for luxury vehicles. The auto industry has continued its use of NFC by introducing the technology to a new generation of keys and keychains. These keys are equipped with…

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NFC keychains allow consumers to engage in mobile commerce without NFC-enabled devices

NFC- key chain

China RFID introduces new NFC keychains As NFC technology begins to become more common for iOS and Android mobile devices, companies are beginning to look for ways to make it easier for consumers to make use of NFC. China RFID, a leading provider of RFID and NFC products in the Asian market, has released the latest series of its NFC tag-03 products. The new products take the form of keychains, which are meant to allow consumers without NFC-enabled mobile devices access to NFC content and services. Demand for more inclusive…

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