Mobile commerce may need to shrug off NFC technology

Mobile Commerce NFC technology

NFC may be a hindrance to mobile commerce Mobile commerce is becoming much more than a passing trend. Companies both large and small are beginning to invest heavily into mobile commerce, considering this emerging sector to be the next evolutionary step for commerce as a whole. This belief is being backed by hordes of consumers participating in mobile commerce, many of whom are citing convenience as their reason for abandoning traditional forms of commerce. There is a problem that could serve to derail the future of mobile commerce, however. As…

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Pulse launches new NFC antenna made from ferrite

NFC techology app

New NFC antenna capable of transmitting data up to 40mm away Pulse Electronics, a developer of electronic components for a variety of platforms, has announced the launch of a new NFC antenna that facilitates data transfers from a distance of up to 40 millimeters. The NFC antenna is comprised of a ferrite sheet, which can be customized to suit a variety of mobile devices. Pulse Electronics suggests that its NFC antenna is easier to install and provides more security than traditional NFC technology. NFC antenna may be more viable than…

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Spotify updates application to support NFC technology

Spotify app with NFC technology

Spotify app gets a high-tech update Acclaimed digital music service Spotify has announced an update for its Android mobile application that will allow it to take advantage of NFC technology. Now, those with the Spotify application will be able to access a variety of NFC-based features that have been included into the “Audio Effects” portion of the app. Spotify is the latest digital service to show support for NFC technology and believes that it may provide a more enjoyable experience to consumers. App will let users share music The updated…

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Discover announces support for Google Wallet

Mobile Payments partnership

Discover customers will be able to utilize Google Wallet Credit giant Discover has announced that it will be supporting Google Wallet. Discover customers will now be able to link Google Wallet to their accounts and make use of the platform to pay for goods and services. The company notes that many of its customers use their accounts to make purchases online, rarely utilizing their physical credit cards. As such, Google Wallet is anticipated to be a welcome addition to the company’s services as it will allow customers to forgo their…

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San Francisco drivers can pay for parking using NFC enabled mobile devices

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots mobile commerce

The PayByPhone system in San Francisco is among the largest near field communication (NFC) projects happening worldwide, and it is allowing urban motorists to pay for their parking by way of their mobile devices. PayByPhone is one of the top international providers of mobile payments for the parking and urban marketplace. It announced that it has been selected by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to add NFC enabled stickers to the 30,800 parking spaces around the city. This will provide drivers with the opportunity to use their mobile…

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