NFC technology experiences considerable surge in global use

NFC technology use World Wide

A recent survey shows that consumers have a greater awareness of the tech and are satisfied by it. A new study conducted by ABI Research has shown that consumers are considerably more familiar with NFC technology, and they are more satisfied with it as well. Over eight out of every ten consumers have used a contactless card or mobile payment wallet. According to the research, more than 85 percent of consumers have used NFC technology in the form of a “contactless card or mobile payment wallet.” Moreover, they have increased…

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NFC-enabled cards go live at University of San Francisco

Mobile Payments

Technology companies announce the successful launch of NFC-card system Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, a provider and developer of security solutions for contactless technologies, and the CBORD Group, a developer of smart cards used at a number of colleges and universities throughout the country, have announced the successful launch of the duo’s new NFC-enabled smart cards at the University of San Francisco (USF). The NFC-enabled cards will be used to grant students access to facilities throughout the campus and make payments for laundry and other such services. NFC technology continues to…

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