PayPal to break new ground in mobile commerce by removing NFC technology from the equation

Mobile Payments

Mobile commerce is beginning to take hold with consumers, but as more companies look to establish themselves in the emerging industry, one of the major contenders is deciding to bow out of the competition. PayPal has decided to discontinue its pursuit of NFC mobile payment applications, claiming that the technology is a step backward for point of sale transactions. The company is not abandoning mobile commerce entirely, however, and will be working on a new way to provide a similar service to tech-savvy consumers. PayPal first began experimenting with NFC…

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Facebook and eBay announce partnership for e-commerce

Ecommerce News

Board member at eBay and executive at Facebook, Katie Mitic, announced a partnership between those two organizations, which was created in order to form a new series of e-commerce apps with features for social networking. Mitic explained that the Open Graph on Facebook – that is, its connections map among its users and their “friends” – will undergo a seamless integration with eBay service apps. It is eBay’s hope that outside developers will come up with apps that will work with its e-commerce platform so that it will build more…

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Will next year mark the explosion of mobile payments?

NFC Technology

Last week in San Francisco, the GigaOm Mobilize 2011 conference made its main focus the omnipresence of mobile, with a notable focus on the takeoff of mobile payments. The conference was two days long, but included fifty sessions that allowed the participants to deliberate over the influence and the future of the cloud computing mash-up, and of the mobile web, for generating new mobile opportunities, especially in the increasingly familiar theme of mobile payments. Several of the primary topics of debate were focused on the advancements in technology occurring between…

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What will it take to keep the M-Commerce ship afloat


The NFC-driven mobile payment revolution may be coming to an abrupt end before it ever really gained any momentum. Analysts with Gartner Inc., a technology research firm, say that the prospect of mobile payments may be interesting, but the technology needed to facilitate this form of commerce is much more complex than the big players would have consumers believe. Many have stated before that the instigation of mobile commerce is seldom a singular effort. Companies interested in pioneering the field of mobile payments must garner the support of several thousand…

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PayPal shows off their NFC add-on for Android, seeks to trump Google’s mobile wallet

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

PayPal, the pioneer of online payments, has been embattled in a legal battle with Google recently. The company claims that Google’s new mobile wallet infringes upon an already existing concept, which lies firmly in the ownership of PayPal. While the unrest between the two companies continues, PayPal has unveiled the very product which started all the fuss. At the MobileBeat 2011 conference in San Francisco, California, the company showed off their new NFC Android widget. The add-on, named PayPal Touch, allows for the transfer of money between two NFC-enabled mobile…

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