China may become the leading power in mobile commerce in the coming years

China Mobile Commerce

NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in China. China Mobile and China Unicorn, both telecommunications companies, are the latest corporations to adopt NFC technology in the country. Smart phone ownership is growing throughout the nation, along with the demand for new ways to use such devices in terms of commerce. Both companies plan to join the other 43 companies that are working to bring NFC technology to China, hoping that NFC-powered mobile commerce will soon take root and become a major financial phenomenon. China is home to the highest…

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Adobe ceases efforts for mobile Flash


In a serious mobile battle that began back in 2007 when the iPhone was first launched and Steve Jobs announced that Flash could not be rendered on mobile devices due to the energy drain it causes to batteries, Adobe has finally admitted defeat and has stopped trying to pursue a mobile version of Flash. This announcement was made quietly and subtly on a blog post at Adobe. It equally announced that it will be directing its mobile focus on HTML5, instead. HTML5 is the cutting edge web programming language which…

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Mobile start-up companies draw big bucks

Mobile Commerce Industry

Though the economy is still struggling and it becomes increasingly likely that another recession is on its way, start-ups for mobile and social are popping up above the crowd and are receiving the funding they need to continue onward and upward, turning innovative new concepts into the latest in cutting edge technologies. Quid, a business intelligence software company, has data that indicates that since the start of 2011, there have been 2,942 new start-ups in the mobile and social sector and the Series A/Seed funding that they have raised is…

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Google spots important weakness in m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

While m-commerce is still taking hold of a growing portion of the shopping market for the holiday season, the majority of the top advertisers on Google have damaged their opportunities for maximizing the potential of the trend by failing to offer a mobile optimized website. This, regardless of the fact that research from Google itself has demonstrated that the amount of interaction between consumers and businesses by way of mobile increased by almost three times between 2009 and 2011, and that this number continues to rise. In fact, 79 percent…

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