eBay acquires Hunch to add its custom recommendation technology to its services for shoppers

Ebay m-commerce News

The largest online marketplace in the world, eBay Inc., has announced the acquisition of Hunch, which will allow it to include product and service recommendation technology so that it can offer greater value to its customers. The actual details of the purchase weren’t disclosed. Hunch.com was first launched in 2009, and provides users with customized suggestions based on their unique preferences and tastes. It makes its determinations based on data gleaned from other websites and social networks. According to eBay, Hunch will help the company to improve the selling and…

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American Express makes moves toward greater mobile expansion by way of acquisitions

retail Mobile payments American Express

According to its executive vice president, David Messenger, American Express Co. has been seeking certain sizeable international acquisitions in order to assist in its efforts to take advantage of a spike in demand for online commerce and mobile payments in emerging markets. Based on purchases, Amex is the largest issuer of credit cards in the world. Based in New York, it is now looking into deals in China and other developing regions, and, according to Messenger, it wants to make purchases of and investments into startups in Silicon Valley that…

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Best Buy UK makes a significant move into m-commerce

Best Buy Mobile Campaign

Best Buy UK has announced that it is taking its first major step into the world of mobile commerce with the launch of its new transactional website which has been optimized for use with mobile devices in the hopes of driving sales from their users. According to the chain, it is the first specialist electronics retailer to make this move and it hopes that the performance of the mobile website will help the company to take a significant piece in the highly competitive consumer electronics marketplace. The company anticipates that…

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M-commerce experts scramble to identify what consumers want

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile commerce, also being called m-commerce, has become one of the hottest topics among the marketing and wireless industries as experts attempt to decipher how to use it to their best advantage. Every week, there are handfuls of new partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions of companies or product initiatives that have been designed to exploit mobile commerce and marketing to its fullest. At the end of it all, the same question remains, which involves what the consumer actually wants from commerce in its mobile form. Due to the novelty of the…

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