Magic mirrors in New York City are more real than they are fantasy

Augmented Reality Mirror

Magic mirrors are showing up in New York City. These are not the kind found in fairy tales, however, though the technology they use may seem like something out of science-fiction. Engineers from the New York Times Company’s research and development lab have built a new mirror that makes extensive use of augmented reality technology. While the mirror is still in the prototype phase, it shows just how far augmented reality has come and could be telling of future products making use of the technology. The mirror makes use of…

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Fox Searchlight Pictures releases new film trailers via QR codes

QR Code Movie Trailer

The film industry is beginning to see promise in the use of QR codes. Fox Searchlight Pictures, the film division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, is taking a new approach to using the codes. Traditionally, QR codes are used to distribute information or offer consumers some kind of discount. Fox, however, is leveraging the codes in a new promotional campaign for the upcoming film Martha Marcy May Marlene. The campaign will see the codes used to distribute trailers for the movie, marking the first time movie trailers have been distributed in…

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PayPal and Google predict tremendous popularity of NFC mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Both PayPal and Google executives are adamant that near-field communication (NFC) technology enabled mobile devices will lead to tremendous successes with mobile payments. According to executive chairman Eric Schmidt of Google, he anticipates that within the next twelve months, one third of all retail store and restaurant checkout terminals will have been upgraded in order to be able to receive NFC mobile payments by way of their customers’ mobile devices. He stated that “I judge that based on how long I think it takes, because the terminals are available now,…

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Brainstorming new and innovative ways to do business

This year’s SXSW conference has played host to a number of exciting innovations in the mobile technology sector. Mobile technology has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. With the advent of QR codes and other data matrix platforms, smart phones have become a vital part of everyday life. With the rate at which this technology is advancing, it should come as no surprise that nine guys on a bus were able to launch a startup in less than 48 hours. WalkIN is a service that…

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Codes showing up in the strangest places are becoming more common

Napkins-Only, a company that specializes in providing customized napkins, has spotted an opportunity to make use of QR codes. The company has created their ScanNap service that can be used by clients that want to take advantage of what Napkins-Only says is “the most affordable offline digital content delivery system.” The QR codes affixed to napkins can be of any size and can be scanned with a smart phone. The codes will be commonly used to link to restaurants or catering business websites. They are re-configurable, allowing businesses to change…

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