Smartwatch from Samsung featured by Diesel at New York Fashion Week

Galaxy Gear S smartwatch

The newly released Galaxy Gear S was walked down the runway in a new partnership between the brands. Only shortly after Samsung had first unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear S, it went on to announce a partnership with Diesel Black Gold, which has brought custom versions of the wearable technology device to New York Fashion Week. As a part of the partnership, the two brands worked together to bring fashion to wearable technology. Diesel Black Gold took on the task of turning the smartwatch into something that people…

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Wearable technology lights up New York Fashion Week

wearable technology cutecircuit new york fashion week

Dresses and skirts that were controlled by smartphones drew massive attention to the catwalks. Among the most innovative developments to walk at New York Fashion week was a new form of wearable technology that allowed the models to control LED lighting on their blazers, skirts, and eveningwear. These high tech fashion designs were unveiled by a company called CuteCircuit. With current and attractive clothing, this wearable technology brought an element of the future into the fashion world with the latest line from CuteCircuit. The seemingly “normal” garments were able to…

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Project Glass at New York Fashion Week

Project Glass on the runway

Google teams with acclaimed designer to show off Project Glass Google has made its presence felt at New York Fashion Week through the use of Project Glass. The technology company teamed with designer Diane von Furstenberg to show off Project Glass on the runway. The augmented reality glasses adorned models as they strode down the Lincoln Center catwalk this past Sunday, showing off Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Furstenberg herself sported a pair of the augmented reality glasses as she took to the runway after her presentation, with Google founder Sergey…

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Success of QR codes at New York Fashion Week may inspire designers to use the codes more often

Tiffany's QR Code Cookies

With New York Fashion Week coming to an end earlier this month, many of those attending the event came face to face with QR codes for the first time. The codes left an impression on many and allowed them to connect with some of their favorite fashion designers. Designers attending the event leveraged the codes in an attempt to engage consumers and expose them to an emerging mobile technology that is likely to become more prominent in the future. While many were wary of the codes at first, attendees soon…

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A look back at how retail is meeting the mobile demand

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

The Thanksgiving Day parade that is held by Macy’s for the last 85 years in New York City is nothing but a giant canvas in which the float holders use to get their message across. With modern day, they still need to get the message across but now they are working on integrating the world of online marketing. Last year, Macy’s float for the last holiday season had an animated website that had an online tool that would allow customers to send letters to Santa Claus. This was a prime…

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