ARART brings masterwork art to life

augmented reality app

  ARART brings new depth to acclaimed works of art Masterful works of art have always had a way of impacting people in a profound manner. Some of the most well-known painters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci, have been able to inspire wonderment in people all over the world. Now, a new mobile application from three Japanese artists called ARART aims to bring these paintings to life in a very literal way. ARART uses augmented reality technology to turn acclaimed paintings into animated experiences. Japanese artists…

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eOne PLUS application revealed by Entertainment One

Augmented reality technology being used in entertainment industry by eone plus

eOne PLUS to bring augmented reality to entertainment industry Entertainment One (eOne) has announced its partnership with leading augmented reality platform Aurasma. Through this partnership, eOne will launch a new mobile application called eOne PLUS. The application is designed for consumers in North America and will be available to both iOS and Android mobile devices. eOne PLUS will make use fo augmented reality to provide users with interactive digital content that will be superimposed over a real world environment. Application to provide users with digital content for films and TV…

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Welcome to Scotland tourist initiative launches augmented reality app

Welcome to Scotland App

The National Tourism Board of Scotland is looking to change the way visitors to the country get their information by updating all tourist materials with augmented reality. The Board has thrown its support behind Welcome to Scotland, a website put together by a conglomerate of attractions throughout the country. The group has developed a new mobile application for the iPhone and Android smart phones that makes full use of augmented reality. Using the app, visitors can find a wealth of information about the various attractions found throughout Scotland. Using the…

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T-Mobile fashions the first QR codes to serve the agriculture industry exclusively

QR Code

T-Mobile has been exploring ways to implement QR codes in agriculture and may have found a perfect place to use the codes. The telecommunications company has taken a keen interest in the codes recently, recognizing their abilities to engage mobile consumers. The company has been working with the National Farmers’ Union to place QR codes on animals and scarecrows. The initiative has drawn some controversy from animal rights advocacy groups, but T-Mobile insists that these codes are not harmful to animals in any way. T-Mobile has teamed with EBLEX, a…

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Aurasma augmented reality can help print media compete in the digital world

Augmented Reality

United Daily News, a media group in Taiwan, has partnered with Aurasma, an augmented reality development firm, to bring their news publications to life. Augmented reality has been targeted by the print industry as a way to breathe new life into print media. The technology allows consumers to interact with print in a way they were never able to do before the advent of smart phones. The United Daily News is using the technology for exactly that purpose, hoping to enthrall a new generation of consumers that have become inseparable…

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National Geographic enters the augmented reality field with new mobile app

Augmeted Reality Video

National Geographic has launched a new mobile application that looks to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. The app uses augmented reality to bring exotic animals to life, allowing people to interact with them in a number of different ways. Augmented reality technology has been gaining a great deal of support in the marketing world due to its knack for making advertising much more immersive and engaging. Consumers have responded well to the recent deployment of augmented reality initiatives, which has encouraged companies and organizations to make…

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Augmented reality marketing campaign takes interactive advertising to new heights

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign

Augmented reality is a technology that is only now beginning to reach its potential. Though the technology has a wide range of appeal in many industries, advertisers have been most enchanted by the possibilities of augmented reality. Interactivity is often considered to be the crux of advertising, as the most engaging campaigns tend to be the most successful. As consumers begin to adopt mobile technologies, marketers have been working harder than ever before to capture their attention. Given the fact that consumers have little to no experience with augmented reality,…

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Tesco launches new campaign powered by augmented reality to bring savings to shoppers

QR codes and Augmented Reality Campaign for Tesco

Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retail chain, is continuing their foray into the digital realm on the heels of their outdoor virtual grocery store in South Korea. The company has developed a new mobile application that will be used with their latest outdoor marketing campaign. The campaign, titled “Big Price Drop,” will encourage consumers to participate in lowering the price of more than 3,000 products sold at various locations in the Tesco chain. Consumers may find this particular campaign more engaging than what they may be used to because Tesco…

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New augmented reality app seeks to dethrone QR codes in mobile marketing

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

QR codes have become the titan of the mobile marketing world. The codes have proven the simplicity of reaching a varied audience of consumers in the digital age. The rise of the mobile marketing industry owes much of its success to the codes and many advertisers are sure that the codes will be around for many years to come. However, a new mobile application seeks to dethrone the blocky barcode. To accomplish this ambitious feat, the app is making use of augmented reality technology. Augmented reality is nothing new to…

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