QR code campaign designed by university to promote the city of Bristol

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol, in partnership with Peloton Design, has created an innovative new marketing campaign that uses QR codes and iconic images of the city in order to broaden awareness of both the place and the school. The Discover More campaign’s first ad involved an image of Brunel’s Suspension Bridge, which is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The image was made out of QR codes, which formed segments of the towers of the bridge. The advertisement has received a great deal of attention and applause…

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Quick Response codes help the United Way appeal to a younger generation of volunteers

QR Code

The mobile advertising industry has adopted quick response (QR) codes very quickly and has been adapting them for a very wide range of use, allowing them to provide information to consumers in many different forms, from links to mobile sites to videos, purchases, or charitable donations. Calgary-based Tag Advertising is an agency that has been implementing QR codes in an innovative new way, most recently through its Calgary-area United Way campaign. Todd Sloane, the principal of the company, as well as his staff, are quite familiar with the stories of…

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Augmented reality marketing campaign takes interactive advertising to new heights

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaign

Augmented reality is a technology that is only now beginning to reach its potential. Though the technology has a wide range of appeal in many industries, advertisers have been most enchanted by the possibilities of augmented reality. Interactivity is often considered to be the crux of advertising, as the most engaging campaigns tend to be the most successful. As consumers begin to adopt mobile technologies, marketers have been working harder than ever before to capture their attention. Given the fact that consumers have little to no experience with augmented reality,…

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Volkswagen augmented reality marketing campaign a resounding success!

Volkswagen recently launched a new marketing campaign which was completely centered around augmented reality. The automaker has shown remarkable prowess with online and interactive technologies in the past, and their latest venture into the realm of augmented reality only proves their mastery of the medium. This past July, the automaker introduced their AR advertisements to consumers through several magazines. The advertisement could be removed from the magazine and used to launch an augmented reality program that would allow users to participate in a virtual race. Participants were put inside one…

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Michael’s to engage holiday shoppers with new QR code campaign

Earlier this year, Michael’s Stores Inc., a specialty retailer catering to the artistic community, announced plans to engage in mobile marketing. The company is quite popular amongst artists for their offering of high-quality supplies and accessories, but has had little to no Internet presence. As consumers become more immersed in mobile technology, the company is in danger of being left behind. One of the tools that could help Michael’s catch up with consumers is QR codes. During this year’s Mobile Marketing Summit 2011 in San Francisco, California, Anthony Price, senior…

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Castrol brings their new motor oil to life with augmented reality

Castrol Augmented Reality Campaign

Augmented reality technology will be a part of a new marketing campaign coming from Castrol, the world’s leading provider of engine lubricant. The campaign will be focused around promoting the new Castrol Magnatec product, which offers engine protection by implementing a system of complex Intelligent Molecules that stick to an engine’s components, hence its name. Castrol is the first motor oil company to make use of AR, but if the campaign is successful, they are unlikely to be the last. Initially, Castrol will be implementing AR in their nationwide roadshow,…

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